Sebastián Rulli shows off his handsome son and Angelique Boyer looks like a stepmother

Sebastián Rulli shows off his handsome son and Angelique Boyer looks like a stepmotherWell, as rarely, the couple of actors was shown as a whole family. taking advantage of the end of recordings of “The rich also cry” and that the rate of virus infection has decreased, they chose to visit their parents and enjoy various tourist tours.

Undoubtedly Sebastian Rulli Y Angelique Boyer They have become one of the most beloved couples in Mexican entertainment, as they have not only shone on television with soap operas like “Teresa”, “What life stole from me”, “Three times Anne” Y “overcome the past”, but his love story has inspired several.

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Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli have been dating for several years and although his followers have insisted on the wedding, they have shown that a role is not necessary to create a family. They have also been asked if they do not want to be parents and both have stressed that they like the dynamics they have now where the presence of Santiago Rulli Galliano, the son that the actor shares with his ex-wife, the great Cecilia Galliano.

Although previously Cecilia and Sebastian had kept their son’s face low-key.In this travel Sebastian Rulli’s son He decided to show his face and was surprised by how similar he is to his famous father.

Santiago Rulli Galliano confirmed that he has a great relationship with his father and with Angelique Boyer who has highlighted the great young man he is and the great education that his mother has given him, always expressing himself with respect for her and teaching maturity.

Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli, visiting the in-laws

This 2022 has been a great professional year for Angelique Boyer and Sebastian RulliWell, while she stood out with soap operas like “Empire of lies” and “Overcome the past”, the actor shared credits with her in “Overcome the Past” and has shone with the new version of “The rich also cry” next to Claudia Martín, evoking the great couple Verónica Castro and Rogelio Guerra made on television.

Angelique Boyer proved to be her boyfriend’s number one fan and chose the work that Rulli has done on screen with Claudia Martínconfirming his professionalism and the great confidence he has in him.

On this trip, the couple was able to live with their families, first they made a stop in Spain where they were with the parents of Sebastian Rullihis nephews, his brothers and later moved to France, where they lived with the family of Angelique Boyerthey enjoyed the gastronomy and beautiful tourist tours such as the famous Palace of Versailles, giving away in networks various family inns that were the sensation.

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Sebastián Rulli shows off his handsome son and Angelique Boyer looks like a stepmother

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