Seer spoke about the relationship between Piqué and Clara Chía; he revealed how long it will last

Days ago, Gerard Piqué was once again the focus of criticism and comments on social networks, due to a series of contents that came to light, where he can be seen in the company of his new partner, Clara Chía Martí.

The Spaniard, who is dealing with the legal process for the custody of his children with Shakira, aroused all kinds of reactions among the viewers, who take a position on this new romance.

The athlete, booed during a soccer game he played in Miami, United States, he stole the eyes of the curious and the international press after appearing in public with the young Catalan in a musical concert.

celebrity sparked controversy by allegedly failing a pact he made with Shakira not to appear in public with his new partners until a year had passed since the breakup.

In the midst of the speculations and rumors that arise about the sentimental bond that the footballer created with the Spanish, the attention was placed on the reaction of the barranquillera to know first-hand the contents of her ex-partner in social events. Now, the doubts among the followers and fans of the famous settle on how long this romance will last and if it will come to something serious.

Seer reveals how long Gerard Piqué will last with Clara Chía Martí

Padme Vidente, a renowned Latin visionary, wanted to talk about the relationship that covers a large part of international entertainment and reveal details of what is coming in the future in the union. Everything seems to indicate, according to the expert, that this relationship will not prosper and will come to an end soon.

In a video that the seer posted on her personal Instagram account, where she has more than 270,000 followers, she launched a prediction dedicated to the controversial romance and predicted a not-so-good future, taking into account the readings made by the woman of both characters.

According to Padma, Piqué and Clara are not going to last long as a couple, because she sees that it is an impulse of the moment, full of passion and adrenaline.

“And well, Piqué, how long is this courtship going to last? Actually, I’m asking my oracle, and he tells me that it takes longer for a rooster to crow than for this courtship to thunder. I don’t really see that it will last a long time… only when the desire, the passion passes, “says the expert in the clip.

In the statements provided by the Latin woman in the digital space, she took the opportunity to add that, according to her visions, Once the stage of passion between the Spaniard and the young woman passes, everything will end and Piqué will realize “that the one who truly loves and values ​​him is Shakira.”

The seer did not reveal more details about the situation, leaving it up in the air when this love break will happen, and if the soccer player will seek an opportunity with the Barranquillera and interpreter of Barefoot.

Piqué and Clara Chía Martí were captured in a marriage

As seen in the content published by the magazine Hello!, Gerard Piqué attended the wedding of one of his friends in the company of the young Spanish woman. It is about Albert Pedret, according to the medium, who would have a closeness and a good relationship with the Spanish.

The 35-year-old Catalan athlete went to the celebration of his acquaintance wearing a rather elegant dark-tone suit, as well as a white shirt without a tie. Next to him, holding hands, is Clara Chía, who is wearing a long colored dress and transparent high-heeled sandals.

According to information from the renowned Spanish media, that marriage was celebrated at Mas Terrats, on the Costa Brava, a very popular space chosen by the couple to carry out the commitment and union ceremony.

The sources reported that the athlete witnessed the wedding of his friends, who work in the company he owns.

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Seer spoke about the relationship between Piqué and Clara Chía; he revealed how long it will last

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