Selma Illanes feminicide took her own life in Argentina

Deiby Paco Herrera, wanted as the main suspect in the femicide of Selma Illanes, was found dead in Argentina, as confirmed by the Police.

Deiby, 36, came to the neighboring country and stayed in an accommodation. He told the owner that he would leave at 9:00 in the morning on Friday, August 20. However, at 10:20, the guest did not come down and the owner went to look for him.

It was she who verified that Deiby Paco had hanged herself from a window. Before doing so, he sent several Messenger messages to a friend, from a fake account.

«It is my goodbye brother. Sorry, I know I failed as a man, as a brother, as a father, and as a friend. I am very sorry for failing you, but I do not regret what I did. And I will not do it. Now I am dead while I am alive and I only have to rest. They have already done everything with me, they killed me inside, they brought out the worst in me ».

“That girl played with me until she filled my life with hatred and it’s not like her family says. I also wanted to leave her, but we both did not leave. Brother, ask you to fight for my children, now I have to rest. Sorry for not being a good brother or father. I ask you to take good care of my children ».

Deiby Paco had two children, a boy and a girl, from a previous romantic relationship. He lived with them and he texted his friend’s number: “My children, I failed you as a parent. I love you very much little children, my chubby ones, I failed you ».

To his friend he wrote: «Thank you my little carnal for all the shared friendship. Farewell to the friends, Real Nocturno until death ». Then he named his brothers, wrote that he loved them, and apologized for what he was going to do. “Don’t bury me, burn me and throw the ashes on the hill or leave me next to my Harold.”

From what he wrote, he intended to arrive in another city in Argentina to say goodbye to four people, but he said that he could no longer do so.

The lawyer for the Justice Observatory of the Voces Libres Foundation, Mercedes Cortez, recalled that Selma Illanes, the 24-year-old victim, was strangled and thrown on the road to Misicuni.

They found her on August 18, although she had been reported missing since August 16, when she said goodbye to her brother Albert and left with her boyfriend, Deiby Paco.

Mary Illanes, Selma’s sister, upon learning that the femicide had committed suicide declared: “Deiby has committed two crimes, taking the life of my sister and now committing suicide himself, without thinking about their children, their families. I can only ask that Deiby also rest in peace, we have no other choice, although divine justice will do the rest. My sister is already dead and nothing is going to give her back. We can’t do anything anymore, ”she said crying.

“Albert, Mary and Selma’s mother are very affected by what happened. Albert was very close to his sister and was the last to see the couple, in a disco, before the tragedy. This process concludes with the death of the confessed femicide, but there is a shattered family that finds no consolation because one of their most loved ones was taken from them, ‘”said attorney Mercedes Cortez. (Free Voices)

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Selma Illanes feminicide took her own life in Argentina