Seychelles, numbers in great growth after the reopening

Bernadette Willemin marketing general manager of Tourism Seychelles

Bernadette Willemin general manager of marketing Tourism Seychelles, visiting Rome these days to meet the main players in the sector, confirms that the Seychelles continue to record positive data in the number of arrivals with + 39% compared to the same period in 2020. After the reopening of the tourist corridors with the Italy, the aim is to gradually bring our country among the first in terms of number of visitors. The Seychelles, especially for Italians, represent an essential destination especially during the Christmas holidays which are now close, which bodes well for a further increase in arrivals to close the year with almost pre-pandemic numbers.

In a meeting with some representatives of to and airlines and with the sector press which was held today in Rome, Bernadette Willemin and Danielle Di Gianvito, marketing representative of Tourism Seychelles in Italy, wanted to share with those present the positive data. they are recorded mainly in this second part of the year. The destination, they reiterated, is safe because almost all of the population has been vaccinated and there are strict protocols to be respected that allow you to spend holidays in total tranquility, moving freely between the different islands. Tourism at Seychelles it is therefore giving strong signs of recovery, especially following the opening to international tourism and tourist corridors.

The latest arrivals data, on the other hand, are really an encouraging sign and are proof that the Seychelles are in a phase of notable recovery: they are 140,703 total visitors from the beginning of the year to last November 7.

The top seven markets this year for the Seychelles as of 7 November 2021 are there Russia with 25.198 you arrive, followed by United Arab Emirates (WATER) e East Europa with respectively 18.535 e 13.206 visitors, the Germany with 13.180 you arrive, the France with 12.743, the Middle East with 10.079 arrivals and Israel with 9.813 attendance. With regard to Italy as of November 7, the total arrivals in the year 2021 there were 1,533, with an increase that has been recorded especially since the end of September with the opening of the tourist corridors. (source Seychelles National Bureau of Statistics)

Now we look to the future, to 2022, and work on product diversification with new proposals, such as experiential tourism in close contact with the local reality. Thanks to the diversification of the offer and the commitment to meet the different needs of life and budget, the Seychelles are that dream that becomes reality for more and more enthusiasts: sport, nature, culture and relaxation make it the ideal destination for any type of holiday you want to experience. In the first place, as in the past, remains the protection of the environment with the creation of additional protected areas especially marine.

Due to the sharply increasing demand, they are also arising new accommodation facilities to increase the number of beds, but always respecting the natural context that boasts a varied flora and fauna like few destinations in the world can offer. The Seychelles are home to numerous endemic species to which the local administration has always paid the utmost attention to ensure that they are safeguarded.

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Seychelles, numbers in great growth after the reopening