Shakira declares herself “lucky in love” and slaps Piqué with a white glove

Colombian singer Shakira slapped Gerard Piqué with a white glove when appearing smiling with a viscera that said: “lucky in love” referring to the purest love she has in her life: her children Milan and Sasha.

Gerard Piqué starred on the cover of the magazine “Hello” holding hands with his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti but Shakira’s unexpected reaction to being approached by the press while on her way to a sports club with her children has grabbed international headlines.

Shakira was captured leaving her home in Barcelona and when reporters asked her how she was after seeing the images of Gerard Piqué that have gone around the world, sent smiling kisses without lowering the window of his car.

But the detail that most caught the attention of the media was the legend on her sports visor that said “Lucky in love” because, without saying a single word, she sent a forceful message: She’s surrounded by the purest love she could have.

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Shakira has taken refuge in his children during the stormy last months and while the Catalan soccer player made his relationship with Clara Chia Marti public, she was captured by the Iberian paparazzi Jordi Martí walking with Milan and Sasha in a Barcelona park.

Recently, the TV show “Socialité” reported that Shakira is upset because Gerard Piqué allegedly broke up an alleged agreement that both established regarding their new partners at the end of their 12-year love relationship.

The program of the Spanish network Telecinco revealed that Shakira and Gerard Piqué they agreed that they would not appear in public with their new partners during the first year after their breakup, which they confirmed in a joint statement last June.

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Shakira declares herself “lucky in love” and slaps Piqué with a white glove

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