Shakira: how the dance of the robots was born in the video for the song “I congratulate you”

Singer He has returned to the music scene and a couple of months ago he released a song titled “I congratulate you” where he has the participation of Rauw Alejandro, but what has attracted the most attention is that the Colombian artist appears in the video dancing with robots. That is why many have wondered: what was the origin of this robot dance?

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During the last weeks the name of Shakira He has given much to talk about after an alleged infidelity on the part of his partner and well-known Barcelona footballer in Spain was revealed, Gerard Pirque. Despite this, the singer has continued to dedicate herself to what her new record production means

Shakira She is one of the most famous Latin artists in the world and is also characterized by the fact that her choreographies become a trend in several countries. An example of this were the choreographies of the songs “Ojos asi”, “Hips don’t lie”, “Loba”, “Waka waka”, among others.

Shakira is a singer born in Colombia (Photo: Luis Alvarez/AFP)

However, one of his last videos made is for the song “Congratulations” where he appears dancing next to a robot. There she is also seen making moves of an android.

This has drawn a lot of attention from its thousands of fans around the world who have wanted to know what was the origin of this striking dance with the robots.


Shakira continues to surprise his fans with his new songs which come with videos that go around the world for their originality.

This is the case of “Congratulations”, the recent success of the Colombian that has the collaboration of Raww Alexander and where the artist from Barranquilla is seen dancing next to a robot on a stage typical of a science fiction movie that is decorated with multi-colored lights.

But given this, many wonder how this robot dance was born? The answer was given by the singer herself who gave an interview to Jimmy Fallon where she confessed that her children recommended her to carry out the futuristic theme with robots ().

Shakira in the video "Congratulations" (Photo: screenshot/Youtube)
Shakira in the video “I congratulate you” (Photo: screenshot/Youtube)

The creators of the video are my children, they came up with the idea “he expressed.

Everything would start when she – as she explained – asked her two little ones to give her ideas for the making of the video.

excerpt from the video "Congratulations" by Shakira (Photo: screenshot/Youtube)
Excerpt from Shakira’s “I congratulate you” video (Photo: screenshot/Youtube)

“I asked them to listen to the song and to close their eyes. My little son Sasha came up with the idea, he said: ‘Mom, I imagine you dancing with a robot’accurate.

It should be noted that your video currently has more than 200 thousand views on the platform of Youtubebeing one of the favorites of the public.


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  • Interpreter: Shakira, Rauw Alejandro
  • Album: “Congratulations”
  • Release date: 2022
  • Country: Colombia

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Shakira: how the dance of the robots was born in the video for the song “I congratulate you”

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