Shakira keeps an ace up her sleeve to be able to take her children to Miami: ”The Piqué macro-report”

the battle between Gerard Piqué Y Shakira can end in agreement as we already anticipated but they assure us that she is not going to give in and that the negotiation can turn into a bloody war if she is the soccer player of the Barcelona he castles and refuses to cross several red lines that he doesn’t even want to hear about.

She is not willing to give him a break. And with each passing day she is more sure of it. “It’s not going to stop.” Those who know her say that since her relationship with the Barcelona center-back was blown up, she has gone through many phases: from rage, despair and sadness, fundamentally because “he has realized that he did not know the man with whom he lived at all”. And the disappointment is such that she does not want to give in even a little bit. And much less since they last spoke face to face a few days ago, to reach an agreement on the future of his children and he flatly refused to let them go to Miami.

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The footballer is not willing for them to move from Barcelona, ​​where they were born and have lived all their lives. However, Shakira’s intentions are different. There is no longer anything that ties her to Spain and she does not want to continue living wall to wall with her in-laws either, although the wall was an invention, rather an intoxication to make the Barranquilla woman look bad, whose public image is mostly positive unlike Pique’s.

Shakira goes for all. “She is willing to do anything, even to use and the reports that she commissioned from Gerard,” they assure us. “She was no stranger to her boy’s fondness for her foolishness, but she certainly never thought that he had been unfaithful to her since practically the year they met,” she tells Informal. But Shakira is now talking to people who are opening her eyes. And the versions coincide even in the small details. He was not hiding. “He did it before the eyes of others and others. Of course, almost always in private places, so that not even a photo could be published,” they point out to us.

Pique’s dirty laundry

Hence, Shakira is not willing to forgive him and wants to get away as much as possible. “She is going to go to sack, without contemplation,” they assure us. We already anticipated this Friday that her lawyers are working on the matter and if there is no prior agreement they will have to go to trial. “But she will be,” they insist. It is difficult for the Colombian to break the roots of her children in Spain, but not impossible. “It’s the main problem. that separates them from agreeing. They are the children and not the money”, they explain to us. From the footballer’s environment they admit that there is some fear because Shakira will bring to light Piqué’s dirty laundry if it were necessary to force the negotiations. “She will do it if she has to play that trick . That is why he has people scratching information and crafting the Piqué macro-report, with all his adventures and some surprises that will not leave anyone indifferent”, they explain to us. “There are things that could do him a lot of damage, and not only in matters of a couple, or family”,

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Those who know her tell us that “Piqué has made himself a bad enemy. And he knows it. He knows her better than anyone. And he has anger, resentment and enough resources to complicate his life.” She has a clear objective, which is to be able to go with her children to live in Miami and she is going to put all her efforts into achieving it, “although to do so she has to leave the father of those children at the feet of the horses,” they tell us. .

Piqué, for his part, continues with his life, and does not want to take a step back with respect to his children. At the moment, as has been seen, they have shared the summer and each one is doing their vacations. Recently he took them to london as we already counted, and Shakira has just returned from Cantabria where they have been surfing.

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Shakira keeps an ace up her sleeve to be able to take her children to Miami: ”The Piqué macro-report”

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