Shakira opens her jacket, shows her bra and reaches number 1 on radio in Spain

Shakira, Colombian singer.

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Singer Shakira does not stop working in the midst of the revolution that has represented their separation of the soccer player FC Barcelona, Gerard Piqué. The Colombian recorded the new challenge of NBC reality show, “Dancing With Myself” opening her jacket and showing her bra. At the same time, Shakira reached number 1 on radio in Spain with her hit “Te Felicito”.

Furor was what Shakira caused by revealing her bra through the opening of a jacket Adidas, which he was wearing in the recent challenge of the dance reality show that he is doing together with Nick Jonas, among others. But also, all this media phenomenon that has involved their separation from Gerard Piqué has made his song with Rauw Alejandro, “Te Felicito” has reached the number of radio billboards in Spain. Meanwhile, the Mamarazzis announced that Piqué would have traveled to Dubai with his alleged “friend”.

Although there is no image, the Spanish journalists Laura Fa and Lorenza Vázquez assure that the footballer is no longer hiding and, although this alleged blonde certainly works with him, it is also true that he has seen her outside the workplace and that the Catalan would protect her from the press

Taking into account the endless number of revelations, and also conjectures, which have not stopped being published in the media and on social networks after being confirmed the separation of the father of her two children, it is understandable that Shakira need to escape from all that attention that is placed on your most intimate matters, including the tax problems you face in Spain.

For weeks now, the Colombian diva has been dosing her appearances on her profile on Instagram, in which those videos and photos that used to portray her with her offspring, Milan and Sasha, in various scenes of everyday life no longer have a place. Her account is used solely to promote her latest professional projects, such as her participation in the television contest ‘Dancing with Myself’ and, above all, her success with her new single ‘Te Felicito’ .

Incorporating into her stories the messages that her label, Sony Music, has not stopped sharing, the pop star has boasted of the phenomenon that her latest summer anthem has become, number one on the radio in Spain and also on the charts from many Latin American countries.

In addition to the robotic dance that is marked in the video clip of ‘Congratulations‘, imitated ad nauseam by TikTok users and conceived by their own children, the theme has generated a stir for some verses in which Shakira reproaches her former lover, although at no time is direct reference to the soccer player of the FC Barcelona.

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Shakira opens her jacket, shows her bra and reaches number 1 on radio in Spain

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