Shakira petitions paparazzi while photographing her with Sasha and Milan

Shakira, Colombian singer and former FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué.

Photo: Frazer Harrison. /Getty Images

the paparazzi Jordi Martinwho has been following many years Gerard Piqué Already Shakira to bring first-hand the photos and events to his millions of fans around the world, he has once again photographed the Colombian while she was out for a walk with milan and sasha. However, this time the interpreter of “Eyes like that” was the one who made a request to the correspondent of The fat and the skinny.

“I have been 12 years behind Shakira I have followed her around the world. The day after that the images of Gerard Piqué kissing with Clara went around the planet, I went to Shakira’s house
I saw her more sad and desolate than ever. Even so, he wanted to give me this report that we showed exclusively in The fat and the skinny. I want to thank you because I know how bad it is going. Couples can break up and absolutely nothing happens but Gerard Piqué he is doing wrong and he is doing harm. Shakira only asked me not to ask her questions in front of the children and obviously she didn’t even think of doing so. It was not easy for me to shoot these images, believe me. From here, I encourage you to get out of this #shakira”, were the words of the paparazzi Jordi Martin, who aired the request that the interpreter of “Te Felicito” would have made.

During the weekend the images and the video where Gerard Piqué kisses and enjoys a Dani Martín concert with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Martin. The same one that had until recently social networks and that, for “protection” of the star of the FC Barcelona, closed to preserve its identity for a long time. But they have already made their first appearance as a couple and in company of the soccer player’s father.

On the other hand, more images have been leaked from the beautiful blonde 23 years old in which she poses in her underwear and in a bikini from the beach. By making all these photos known, it is verified that the images and videos that had previously come out of Gerard Pique and his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti they were true and that it would be the same young woman who works with him and that Internet users assure she looks a lot like shakira.

While some paparazzi and journalists have been inclined to support Shakira, certainly no one can know what goes on behind closed doors. On the other hand, local media in Spain have preferred to remain level-headed. They consider Gerard Piqué an important figure not only within sports but for all the investments they have precisely in audiovisual companies such as “Kosmos Studios”. Same where you work his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti.

For now and to forget this moment that for some represents the happiness of their idol Piqué but for others it means one of the hardest moments of the one who is also the idol of many, Shakira, we leave you with her latest video clip with Black Eyes Peas and David Guetta, “Don’t You Worry”. Which accumulates so far 73 million views on YouTube.

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Shakira petitions paparazzi while photographing her with Sasha and Milan

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