Shakira smiles showing her legs when she arrives to play tennis with Milan and Sasha

Shakira and her son Milan when she was pregnant with her second child Sasha.

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Despite Shakira is not at its best, much less after Gerard Piqué Y Clara Chia Marti they will arrive hand in hand at the best friend’s wedding from the center of FC Barcelona on the Costa Brava Spain. But the interpreter of “Congratulations” has decided to say “in bad weather, good face” and She has smiled wearing a white miniskirt with which she showed her legs. This, when came to play tennis at a club in Barcelona with his kids sasha and milan in the company of several friends as well.

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The Colombian was also escorted by her brother Antonio Mebarak, who has been her right hand for a long time and who has returned to travel with her everywhere since she was uncovered the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué after 12 years of relationship. Yesterday, the correspondent of The fat and the skinny and paparazzi, Jordi Martin, photographed the singer and aired that the same land had made a request: don’t ask him anything in front of sasha and milan. Of course the communicator, who has been after the couple for years, assured that he had not crossed his mind. In those images Shakira was seen crestfallen and very sad, but today He has smiled again and what better reason than his children.

we already know that Shakira In addition to being an integral artist, she is a great lover of sports and sasha and milan They follow her in her hobby. They not only love surfing together but are also into tennis. Shakira hugged her friends who were waiting for her to have a literal good time, hitting the ball in a club in Spain.

Of Gerard Piqué and his new girlfriend Clara Chía Martí Everything had been told. Since the footballer would be doing it on purpose until this relationship has been going on for a long time, going through an alleged pregnancy whose only existing proof is a photo with a slightly bulging belly. The truth is that this is already an open secret and the world has been divided between those who support Shakira and those who wish happiness to Pique and his girlfriendwhich are not few, cannot be limited either.

Apparently the fact that Gerard Piqué would have attended a Dani Martín concert with Clara Chía Martí over the weekend made Shakira Piqué went to the jugular. According to several Spanish media such as hello magazinethe former partner had an agreement in which they would not be seen in public with any new partner for a period of one year. To the Barsa footballer having failed the alleged pact, the Colombian plans to take him to trial and request full custody of your children. Let’s remember that, according to several media also as The fat and the skinnyshe would like to reside in Miami and this would distance the Catalan from her children for long periods of time.

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Shakira smiles showing her legs when she arrives to play tennis with Milan and Sasha

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