Shakira: this is what her body language says when asked about Gerard Piqué. Is she devastated?

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Shakira Y Gerard Piqué are facing their breakup in a different way, turning the footballer into the villain of the story, since the Catalan has formalized his new love relationship with Clara Chia Marti giving rise to speculations of infidelity were true. As well as the way in which the Barcelona player has handled himself with the media and his fans has been branded as rude, breaking a paparazzi’s cell phone and denying autographs to children.

Meanwhile, the singer of “Te congratulated” has been applauded for the way in which she has resurfaced from such a mediatic separation, since she finds herself taking refuge in her children, Sasha and Milan, since in his last appearances he has been seen walking on the beach or playing tennis with them. In addition to the fact that in her approach to the media and her fans, she has been noticed relaxed.

And although she has a positive attitude towards the media, many have rumored that Shakira is emotionally devastated and sad, which is why she has had to resort to therapy. Faced with these rumours, the body language expert, Maryfer Rye has decided to do an analysis on Shakira.

It was on her YouTube channel that the graphologist also analyzed a photograph of when the singer of “Pies descalzos” He was going from his house to the tennis club and the paparazzi took the opportunity to ask him about his ex-partner, to which the singer only smiled and greeted.

The sincere smile is the one in the eyes, the one in the mouth is crooked, why? why she is uncomfortable, she is being cornered by the media, she is a very important figure, but this is not a smile of happiness, this is a body language of defense “began Maryfer Centeno and it is that we remember that according to Jordi Marti, Spanish paparazzi revealed that the famous asked the press not to ask questions about her ex-husband in front of their children, for the good of the little ones.

However, despite the discomfort, the body language expert revealed that: “There is a certain satisfaction in the look…it’s not a sad look, it’s not an angry look, it’s not a look of annoyance, it’s a look of satisfaction.”

Shakira is “lucky in love”

As well as the collaborator of the program “HOY” commented on the outfit of the Colombian who wore a skirt and sports shirt with straps but without a doubt the piece that caught our attention was a visor with the “lucky in love” logo: “she wears it on her forehead as if telling us nothing is wrong, she has the love of her children, of her family , of their fans and couple relationships are cyclical, this has probably been the best for both of them”.

“It seems that Shakira is not having a bad time, she is not broken, on the contrary, she is willing, sure of herself, like the queen she is, the intelligent woman she is,” the body language analyst concluded.

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Shakira: this is what her body language says when asked about Gerard Piqué. Is she devastated?

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