Shakira will go to trial in Spain for alleged tax fraud: this has been her conflict

Shakira will be tried in Spain for fraud of more than 15 million dollars. On Thursday, May 26, it was confirmed that there is sufficient evidence to send her to trial, after the appeal presented by her defense was dismissed with the aim of filing the accusations against her.

“The documents (…) attached to the application are sufficient proof of irregularity to continue with the process,” Judge Marco Jesús Juberias said in the court document filed in July 2021.

Allegedly, Shakira defrauded the Spanish Treasury of 15.5 million dollars in taxes on income obtained in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The Spanish justice accused her of having pretended not to live in Spain and hiding income in tax havens.

The Barcelona Court indicated that she will be tried as a result of the complaint that the Prosecutor’s Office filed against her for six tax crimes, according to the EFE news agency.

Likewise, it was said that the Court rejected the appeal in which her defense insisted that there is no direct evidence that the interpreter of ‘I congratulate you’ resided in the country during that period.

Shakira’s lawyers questioned the evidence that was presented to prove her presence in Spain, including the hiring of services such as Zumba or French classes, her purchases, hairdressing services, even the photographs she published on social networks in those years.

The legal representatives of the Colombian declared that at that time she lived in the Bahamas and that her visits to Spain were sporadic. They said that she moved to Spain in 2015 and that since then she has fulfilled her tax obligations.

It is worth mentioning that in 2018 the singer paid the Spanish Treasury a fine of more than 24 million dollars to settle part of a debt that the Spanish treasury claimed for untaxed income between 2011 and 2014.

Despite being sent to trial, the possibility of an agreement with the Barcelona Economic Crimes Prosecutor’s Office remains open, reported El País.

Shakira’s defense will fight until she proves her innocence

In this regard, Shakira’s lawyers issued a statement on May 26 in which they indicate they will continue to defend her innocence in court and argued that the dismissal of the appeal is “simply one more step in the process, which now continues its usual course.”

They stated that they will try to distinguish their client “through the presentation of weighty legal arguments, verifiable evidence and expert reports from professionals of recognized prestige in the tax field.”

The interpreter’s legal team maintains the position that she has not committed any crime and that they will prove it in court.

“Shakira’s conduct in tax matters has always been impeccable in all the countries in which she had to pay taxes and she has trusted and faithfully followed the recommendations of the best specialists and advisors,” the statement said.

In the message, the legal team of the Colombian also recalled that she has no debt with the Treasury in Spain.

“It should also be remembered that there is no debt with the Spanish Treasury, since it proceeded to pay the amounts as soon as it knew the amount that, according to the Spanish Tax Agency, it should pay.”

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Shakira will go to trial in Spain for alleged tax fraud: this has been her conflict

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