Shakira would have discovered Gerard Piqué’s infidelity without the help of detectives

Shakira would find out about Piqué’s infidelity before ending the relationship. (Photos: Hello! Magazine / Instagram/@holacom)

The separation of Shakira and Piqué continues to be the subject most commented on by the media at a national and international level. It is also one of the most widespread through social networks and the world of entertainment, because Internet users want to unite all the pieces that are necessary to know exactly what happened, has happened and will happen with the soccer player and the Barranquillera.

Approximately two months have passed since the Colombian singer confirmed that she was separating. The hypotheses that have been created through the different platforms offered by the network about the end of the relationship affirm that the Spanish defender had been unfaithful to the mother of her children. Although it has not been that long since the assumptions began, there is more and more data that, when put together, could corroborate that Pique would have romantic intentions with another person long before leaving Shakira

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Amid the comments of different people on the web in relation to the ex-partner’s breakup, the question remained as to how the singer realized the alleged betrayal, which she would have secured after getting some private detectives to work for her. .

According to the website Informalia, Dedicated in large part to revealing news about celebrities and celebrities, he commented that the specialist in photography and professional in following the lives of people in trend, Jordi Martindisclosed the most recent images of the renowned Spaniard with his new girlfriend and commented to a Spanish media outlet that Shakira “She suspected that Gerard was with someone else when he rejected the idea of ​​seeking help to save the relationship.” He assured that the interpreter of ‘Loba’ offered him alternatives, but he thought it was not necessary, even though everything seemed to be falling apart.

Jordi Martín is one of the most controversial paparazzi in the world of entertainment. Instagram: @jordimartinpaparazzi
Jordi Martín is one of the most controversial paparazzi in the world of entertainment. Instagram: @jordimartinpaparazzi

“Shakira proposes couples therapy and he opposes it. Shakira begins to suspect that there is something because he refuses to go to couples therapy.Jordi commented in the interview conducted by the European media.

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He made sure that the vocalist and world figure was behind her ex insisting that they find a solution and it was after a month that he rejected her proposals to improve the love-family environment.

“Before the statement, Shakira insists on trying to fix things and he tells her that there is nothing to do. Shakira takes about a month to issue the statement. In that month and a half she is insisting that ‘please and please’. And Gerard says ‘up to here’”, continued by stating one of the paparazzi most controversial in the world of entertainment.

After this, the singer would have hired the services of private investigators only to confirm what you already suspected, But even when everything came to light and thousands of people continue to talk about the lives of the two former lovebirds, it seems that nothing will make them come back. Except when Piqué was seen with Clara Chía, his current girlfriend, at concerts, at a friend’s wedding, having dinner and kissing, making those who have captured those moments in which they were together understand that they are not interested at all that everyone finds out that they love each other and that the soccer player no longer wants to be with Shakira.


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Shakira would have discovered Gerard Piqué’s infidelity without the help of detectives

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