Shakira would leave Piqué in a bad light and would have a ‘play’ ready to stay with her children

Shakira, one of the most recognized Colombian artists worldwide, surprised all her followers a few weeks ago and confirmed that she is officially separating from Gerard Piqué, with whom he was for more than 12 years.

After this announcement, the main Spanish media have followed all the details that the breakup of the couple has left. It was even recently known that the distribution of his assets has already begun.

The EconomistIn the same way, he assured this week that the Barranquilla would have a complete report ready on all the extramarital things that the Barcelona footballer did in recent months.

According to the Iberian newspaper, Shakira’s defense would present the document in case a conciliation is not reached. The goal of the lawyers is for the singer to keep the custody of her two children, Milan and Sasha.

“She is ready for anything. even to use the reports he commissioned on Gerard. She was no stranger to her boy’s fondness for her flirtation, but she certainly never thought that he had been unfaithful to her since practically the year they met “, initially stated.

Then he added: “From the footballer’s environment they admit that there is some fear that Shakira will bring to light Piqué’s dirty laundry. There are things that could hurt you a lot, and not only in couple and family matters”.

The newspaper finally pointed out that the lawyers of the renowned artist are working on an agreement because she wants to move to Miami (United States) as soon as possible.

It should be remembered that some Spanish media assured a few days ago that the Colombian singer hired a team of private detectives to follow the Spanish defender.

Shakira’s ex-in-law breaks the silence

Roberto García, ex-partner of Lucy Mebarak, the artist’s sister, recently broke the silence and released some revelations about the true causes of the break between the Spaniard and the Barranquillera.

The man assured in dialogue with daily that the parents of the coffee artist are too involved in their daughters’ relationships and that the separation with Piqué was also due to an economic aspect.

“They do not mix their money and take the family economy to 50%. Supposedly, Piqué would have asked Shakira for money for an investment issue and the singer’s family refused to give it to him. That’s where the problems started.”he pointed out.

García took advantage of the talk with that medium to tell about the uncomfortable situation he experienced with his ex-partner, who left his side in 2015 and left him embarked with various economic responsibilities.

Shakira’s ex-brother-in-law pointed out that he had a pretty bad time since he separated from Lucy Mebarak. In addition, he stated that she has suffered a strong wear in other aspects of her life.

“I’ve had a very bad time. I have had to sleep in the car. My ex-wife ruined me and disappeared. I have it all documented. Now I live in a studio room for which I pay 300 euros. I am in need,” he concluded.

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Shakira would leave Piqué in a bad light and would have a ‘play’ ready to stay with her children

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