Shattered! Prince William cries for betrayal of his brother Harry

The prince relationship William and Harry hit rock bottom: the Duke of Cambridge he could not bear the betrayal committed by his own brother and cried No matter what they saw, this was revealed by a source close to William, who told the details of what happened and what will happen now with the children of Lady Di.

The estrangement between William and Harry began when the dukes of sussex expressed their desire to resign from their royal duties. The possibility of an exit (which finally happened) fell on him like Cold water bucket to the royal family and tried to prevent it from happening. However, Meghan and Harry were adamant and left the UK to make their life apart, away from them.

This decision was the first step for Princess Diana’s children became estranged and did not see each other again until the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, who passed away on April 9, 2021; they met again, a few months later, to unveil the statue in tribute to her mother, Lady Di, but they did not reconcile either; now, a few days after they met again at the Platinum Jubilee it was revealed that the breakup is inevitable and that Prince William wept over the betrayal he felt his brother committed.

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This was Prince Harry’s betrayal that made William cry

Harry and William in July 2021, at the unveiling of the statue of Lady Di. Photo: AP

the prince’s friends William they say he is “in mourning” for the breakup he had with his brother Harry. The betrayal that the Duke of Cambridge cannot forgive his brother is the controversial interview he offered to Oprah Winfreyin which he launched a series of accusations against the royal family.

The [William] he alternates between crying over what he has lost and feeling very, very angry about what his brother has done (…) he really loves Harry and feel like you’ve lost the only personapart from his wife, who understood this strange life of theirs”, said a close friend of William to the medium Daily Mail.

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Prince Harry and William. Photo: AP

She added: “But he thinks there are things you just don’t do. And Harry has crossed that line 100 percent“. In addition, he said that the Duke of Cambridge has “a lot of principles” and believes that shis brother Harry pushed all limits by making the accusations worldwide.

Will William and Harry reconcile?

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Harry and William were very close, but now their relationship is distant and cold. Photo: AP

There is little chance that the relationship between Harry and William will be fixed. The friends of the Duke of Cambridge assure that he will always keep open the possibility of reconciling with his brother, since he still protects and loves him.

Prince William does not forgive that Meghan Markle spoke ill of Kate Middleton

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Meghan and Kate Middleton. Photo: AP

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In addition to crying over his brother’s betrayal, William is furious with Meghan Markle well noor forgive her for saying in the interview with Oprah that it was Kate Middleton who made her cry before her wedding, when William assures that the opposite happened, according to close sources. William felt the Duchess of Sussex “greatly disrespected” his wife by saying that on camera.

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Shattered! Prince William cries for betrayal of his brother Harry

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