She is Arianna Muñiz, Marc Anthony’s daughter who stays away from the cameras

Beyond his talent or Salsero Marc Anthony has always attracted the attention of the media for his extended family. At 53 years old, 5 biological and one that he adopted from his ex-partner Debbie Rosado.

Thus, it is known that Emme and Max Munizthe twins he had with Jennifer Lopez, maintain a lot of notoriety by the press. In the same way, the two children that she had next to Diana Torres. However, little is known about the artist’s first two children. Above all, from the musician’s eldest daughter.

Therefore, in the following lines, know who is Arianna Muñizthe eldest daughter of the salsero Mark Anthony and that maintains a very reserved life, unlike other heiresses of famous ‘celebs’ in the United States.


Arianna Muniz Rosado She is the eldest daughter of the salsero Mark Anthony. The young woman was born June 29, 1994 and is currently 28 years old. She is the result of the singer’s relationship with the former New York police officer Debbie Rosado. Arianna’s brother is Alex ‘Chase’ Muniz Rosadoa boy whom the artist adopted and gave him his last name.

Unlike her brothers, the young woman prefers to stay away from the cameras and social networks. Thus, she does not have active profiles on digital platforms. However, some of the singer’s followers have shared various videos where she looks like Arianna accompanies his father in some of his presentations. Additionally, she has been seen at events alongside him, though not consistently.

It is also known that she was the only one of the heirs of Mark who did not accompany him on his 50th birthday in Miami. Perhaps, due to maintaining his privacy, he did not appear in any of the published photographs. Arianna.


As mentioned, the mother of Arianna Muniz it is Debbie Rosado. The former police officer in New York began dating the singer in 1993. Thus, they welcomed the young woman the following year.

Both ended the relationship shortly after the birth of the first daughter of Mark. In this way, Arianna grew up next to his mom. However, it is known that she has always maintained a close relationship with her father and with his new partners.


In this sense, through social networks, Shannon from Lima She was always affectionate with Arianna. The model was the third wife of Mark Anthony and shared some images next to the daughter of his then partner. Interestingly, the Venezuelan is only 5 years older than her.

On his birthday, for example, he dedicated a heartfelt message to him through his account. Instagram: “Happy birthday my princess. Hope you have a beautiful day… You deserve the world! I miss you and I love you”wrote.


Despite the discretion of Arianna, the young woman was the protagonist of one of the songs of her famous father. In the year 2000, when she was 6 years old, Mark Anthony dedicated the single “My Baby You”. In the beautiful composition, the artist makes a public announcement of affection towards his eldest daughter.

When I look into your eyes, I see all the reasons why my life is worth more than a thousand heavens. You are the simplest love I have ever known and the purest I will ever have. You know? You will never be alone. My baby, you… You are the reason why I could fly and for you I don’t have to wonder why (…) Arianna, I feel so aliveis part of the lyrics in Spanish.

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She is Arianna Muñiz, Marc Anthony’s daughter who stays away from the cameras

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