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The sighting in the last days of up to three copies of snowy owl in the north of Spain has generated enormous interest among the ornithological community as it is the first time it has been detected in the Iberian Peninsula is ave, known to many as the companion of adventures of the young apprentice magician Harry Potter.

This bird of prey, with white plumage and golden eyes, usually lives in North America, mainly in Canada, or in the European zone of the Arctic CircleThe president of the Mavea Ornithology Group, Juan Carlos Vázquez, explained to Efe.

With a height of about two feet and a wingspan of up to five feet, this species usually travels in winter towards the south, but not too far away, so that until now there were records of its presence in countries such as Holland or even France, but never before in the Iberian Peninsula, assured the Mavea expert, a group with 35 years of experience, this November 17, 2021.

The first of the specimens was sighted about two weeks ago in the autonomous community of Cantabria, where he was picked up by the disrepair that it presented, apparently by dehydration, to transfer him to a recovery center, where he died a few hours later, said Vázquez.

Already in the middle of last week another specimen was photographed in flight on the central coast of Asturias, and last Saturday, November 13, another was sighted in the area of Cape Peñas.

Another specimen was photographed in flight on the central coast of Asturias. Photo: EFE

Although the proximity of these two points might suggest that it is the same copy, the comparison of the photographs has allowed us to verify that they are two different birds due to the differences that both presented in their plumage.

The latter has been seen in recent days in the same coastal zone. Dozens of experts and hobbyists ornithology They have traveled in recent days from different parts of Spain to try to observe this arctic bird, whose provenance is still uncertain.

There are records of birds that have traveled long distances in “assisted” trips on board ships, something that, according to Vázquez, could have happened with these specimens arriving on the Cantabrian coast.

“Sometimes the birds deviate and can reach the sea, where they end up landing on a boat,” summarized Vázquez, who has the theory that these three specimens probably come from the area of Canada.

In any case, he specified that in the next few days his origin with the tests that are going to be done to snowy owl that died in Cantabria thanks to an innovative technique that makes it possible to determine in which area the bird has fed from the analysis of the isotopes of its feathers.

In principle, these raptors “should not have a problem surviving” in their new environment since they they feed from rodents and of smaller birds, abundant almost anywhere.

According to the expert ornithologist, the normal thing is that his instinct lead them to move north to reach a more comfortable habitat for the also known as the snow owl.

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Sight for the first time the snowy owl, the companion of Harry Potter – The Trade