Sofía Aldrey spoke about Fede Bal’s marriage proposal, after the accident: “He only tells me with morphine”

The couple does not plan to marry yet.

After having undergone surgery in Brazil, Faith Bal returned to Argentina with his partner, Sophia Aldrey and his mom, Carmen Barbieri. On April 22, the driver was recording some scenes for the new season of Rest of the world on the island of Paraty, in Brazil, when suffered a fall while taxiing with a paraglider motorized and ended with open fractures.

While I was hospitalized, the actor made an unexpected marriage proposal to his girlfriend and Carmen told details of this episode. “They give Fede morphine because he’s in a lot of pain, and when they give it to him, he tells Sofía: ‘We’re getting married, let’s have children‘”, said the capocómica in dialogue with D-moment (The thirteen).

On her return to Argentina, the young woman spoke about this issue: “For now I don’t think about marriage. She only tells me with morphine.” In dialogue with very morning (Ciudad Magazine) stated: “Tell me well, sober, without morphine, without anesthesia.”

Fede Bal and his girlfriend returned after their accident in Brazil (RS Photos)

Furthermore, the son of Santiago Ball He also gave his testimony about the unconditionality of his girlfriend who traveled with Carmen to accompany him. “It is the most beautiful thing in the world to find yourself in these dramatic moments with the people who accompany you. Seeing her fills me with love, it only reaffirms the woman I have next to her. Sometimes I feel that she is too much for me. She is the woman of my life, ”he pointed out to intruders (America).

He was also moved to underline that he was lucky beyond having fractured his arm: “It could have been a tragedy, because on top of that the propeller hits the ground, a whole sequence that could have been catastrophic. I’m not putting more drama than it has, this is really what happened and it could have been much worse. That’s why I started crying when the doctor told me it could have killed me. He grabbed my hand and I said ‘yes, you’re right’”.

Later, Fede gave details of his recovery: “I have a very complicated hand. The operation went well. I have 30 points from a cut in the back, one in the front, another on the sides, that’s 15 points, 12 on one side, 5 on the other. I’m all screwed up. What I have to do is start moving it (the hand) again because I have very little mobility. Everything will be fine in a while. On Saturday there will be a program that is the second part of what the accident was, which is a bit about my recovery at the clinic in Rio de Janeiro”.

“I have never been so happy to return home,” he said with relief. And he revealed how he manages to have that resilience, despite everything. “When you have moments of serious health, that you cannot see what is happening inside your body…Many people who have gone through what I went through, I think they will understand me. When there is cancer and a doctor tells you that he does not know very well what your outlook is, and you know that the bad cells can perhaps take over another organ and metastasize, I looked at my arm and said ´ah, is this just the problem?’ And I started laughing,” Bal recalled.


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Sofía Aldrey spoke about Fede Bal’s marriage proposal, after the accident: “He only tells me with morphine”

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