Sofía Castro annoys with Cynthia Klitbo for talking about the intimate life of Angélica Rivera and Peña Nieto

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Sophia Castro in his most recent intervention with the press she said annoyed with Cynthia Klitbo for the statements he made a couple of months ago about the relationship his mother hadAngelica Riverawith the former president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

And it was at the beginning of February when Klitbo in an interview with the journalist Inés Morenofor your YouTube channel, He spoke of the alleged infidelities committed by the former Mexican president when he was still the husband of the woman also known as “La Gaviota”.

“He will be very Mr. President, but that does not give him the right to hurt his wife and be less than honest with the niece of his best friend,” he said in part of that interview.

Angélica Rivera, Cynthia Klitbo and Aylin Mujica met again in Miami last year.
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About, the eldest daughter of Angélica Rivera and José Alberto “El Güero” Castro, said in front of the cameras of several reporters that Cynthia Klitbo did not have to talk about her mother’s private life Or expose it that way.

The truth is, that interview bothered me a bit, because I think nobody has a reason to talk. I don’t even talk about my mother’s private life, or what she is going to do, or her plans for the future,” said the visibly affected young woman.

Sofía Castro upset by the way in which her mother, Angélica Rivera, was exposed
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For Sophia Castro her mother is the only one who will be able to make her next projects public and when she decides, not when her “best friend” airs them.

“She is only the owner of her own story, of her life and of what she wants to tell, not tell, to come back with a novel, series, movie, whatever. The only one who knows her story and the only one who has the right to tell her truth is my mom.”

Sofía Castro did not deny Cynthia Klitbo’s statements

When questioned about whether what she said Cynthia Klitbo about her mother was true, the actress from series like “Malverde: the patron saint” refused to deny the information, arguing that she will not talk about the life of anyone other than her.

“I prefer to stay far away from that, because if the interview that Cynthia did bothered me a little by exposing my mother so much, well, the truth is that I will speak less… I am a faithful defender of my mother”, said.

“I am not going to talk about anything at all, neither of what was said in the interview, nor of what was not said. It is simply that the interview bothered me because they exposed my mother in a way that not even I have done, nor my sisters, nor my father, nor his family, “he added.

Sofía Castro defends the private life of her mother, Angélica Rivera
Photo: Instagram @sofia_96castro

To end, Sophia Castro He asked the media to avoid making comments about his mother, or about any member of his family, including Peña Nieto’s children, in future interventions, since she will avoid talking about them at all costs.

“And I always say it about myself, ask me anything, you know that I am an open book about my life and my things, but talking about my sisters, my father, my mother does not correspond to me because it is their life and they are his stuff,” he concluded.

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Sofía Castro annoys with Cynthia Klitbo for talking about the intimate life of Angélica Rivera and Peña Nieto

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