Sofía Gala and Juan Gil Navarro face romance rumors

Maite Peñoñori assured that Sofía Gala and Juan Gil Navarro are starting a romance (Video: “Intruders”, America)

A new unforeseen romance in entertainment came to light in the last few hours. Is about sofia gala Y John Gil Navarro, who would be starting a relationship. The information provided Maite Penonori in intrudersthe program that drives Florence of the V through the screen of America, after giving some clues in an enigmatic way and after his colleagues Lucas Bertero Y Nancy Dura Guess the names of the protagonists.

“They They are starting a theatrical project together with Gonzalo Valenzuela, they premiered, and they were together yesterday, a person who saw them told me. They walked the dog and went into her house. They told me that romance is very incipient, they’re starting. They surprised me, I did not imagine them together, ”the panelist began by expressing. And she added: “It was not a rehearsal, I do not know that they would have to rehearse on May 1 at two in the afternoon …”.

They both star alongside Carolina Peleritti and Valenzuela the piece closer, which recounts the fortuitous links of four characters who are involved in relationships that intersect continuously. Possession, deception, fidelity and the excessive search for the truth expose the impossibility of being happy and being together.

Juan Gil Navarro and Sofía Gala met in “Closer”, the play in which they star alongside Carolina Peleritti and Gonzalo Valenzuela

Neither of the two actors knew their loving present, after their respective separations. Juan, for his part, divorced Natalia Litvac in 2018, after having been together for twelve years. The couple met in 2005 while filming Men of Honorand the crush was given in the corridors of pol ka, where she worked as a secretary. “Each one was needing different things”, he had said at the time, in dialogue with Marcela Colonelin the channel of the City.

She, meanwhile, did not whitewash another couple after the breakup with the father of her youngest son, Dante. “I am lucky to get along very well with the father of my daughter and to have a good relationship with the father of my son.. I chose them for a reason, they chose me for a reason. They are very special people and there aren’t many people in the world that you can bond with. I believe very fervently in maintaining the bonds with the people that one meets and is important to one”, he maintained some time ago in an interview with teleshow.

And she had also referred to her role as a mother: “I love being a momI always wanted to be. Dante and Helen They love each other, get along super well and defend each other. Even when I get angry with someone, they take great care of each other, “said the actress, who also stated that she makes a lot of mistakes in her children’s day-to-day life, although she tries to learn from her own mistakes. “All the time you are guilty of getting angry with them at one point and realize that out there you were angry with you. All the time I make mistakes with my childrenand it has to be that way because you’re dealing with another human being.”

Also, he had talked about his own mother’s look, Moria Casan: “I always like to be seen at workBeyond the fact that she loves everything I do, she is a professional and works in the same field as me. They are never bad returns, it has not yet happened to me that you do not like any of my work or that you have had to say something more uncomfortable to me. It’s important to have people around you who tell you the truth.”.


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Sofía Gala and Juan Gil Navarro face romance rumors

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