Stana Katic’s new life: from being fired from ‘Castle’ to public disappearance

Back in 2009, from ABC they decided to give a chance to a series that received the name of ‘Castle‘. A title starring Nathan Fillionwho was a writer of mystery novels, and who joined the New York police force as a consultant to later take his adventures to fiction, and it is precisely in this police force that he meets Stana Katicwho plays co-star, Kate Beckett.

Stana Katic was born in Canada, although her parents are Serbs and she comes from a family with Croatian and Montenegrin members. Her professional career began with the International Relations, Economics and Law degreebut his passion for acting led him to take a different course since study interpretation.

Already as an actress, Katic began in smaller projects, such as ‘Acid Freaks‘ (1999) or ‘Alias‘ (2004), but little by little those roles became more important, as well as the plots in which he appeared, going on to appear in a James Bond installment ‘Quantum of Solace‘ (2008), a step prior to ‘Castle‘.

His rise to fame with ‘Castle’

And it is that ‘Castle’ has been, for the moment, the project of her life, a series that remained on television for eight seasons and that catapulted the actress to fame, who in addition to getting a good role, began to collect fruits in the form of banknotes until managing to collect more than 10 million euros per seasonuntil it was season 8 farewell due to budget cuts: “Kate Beckett has been a beloved character in our series ‘Castle’ for the last eight years,” read the statement of his farewell.

A farewell that was quite a setback for Katic, who previously confessed in an interview with ‘EW’ that he was not expecting it: “It hurt and it was a hard ending. I’m still not clear on the thought process that explains it”. But, the most curious thing is that in the end the series did not go ahead either and ABC canceled it.

After that, the actress went through other projects such as ‘absenteeism‘, which lasted three seasons and starred her, where she played FBI agent Emily Byrne. She later knocked on her door to the superhero universe, becoming Wonder Woman in ‘Justice Society: World War II‘.

Stana Katic today

In 2021, and without much noise, Stana Katic announced on her social networks that I was going to make a break, both professionally and in the field of social networks themselves. A step that has led her to public disappearance, but which only two months ago became motherhood, when announced in June that she had had her first child with her husband, Kris Brkljac, in late 2021.

And it is that it has been now when the actress has returned to social networks, sharing various images in what appears to be a Zoom meeting, and adding other vignettes from his past. A return that she has made her fans wonder about her return to acting, and this can be in front of or behind the cameras, because in addition to being an actress, she is a producer with her company. Sine Timore Productions.

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Stana Katic’s new life: from being fired from ‘Castle’ to public disappearance

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