Susana Dosamantes dies at the age of 74, a victim of cancer

Susana Dosamantes died in a Miami hospital. (Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage)

The actress Susana Dosamantes died at the age of 74, as confirmed by Enrique Rubio, her son. Dosamantes, mother of singer Paulina Rubio, died at two in the afternoon at Mount Sinai Hospital in the city of Miami Beach due to a complication of pancreatic cancer that was detected in February.

It was during her time in New York, in April, when Paulina Rubio commented to the magazine People in spanish his feelings after the news of his mother’s condition was revealed, who at that time was hospitalized at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in the city of Miami.

“The emotion feels on the surface. I feel very lucky to have the public that I have, I have them in my prayers; that makes me feel very blessed… honor to whom honor is due. The important thing is them: my mother, my children They are the true things that are earned with a lot of effort and a lot of love, “said the singer.

The career of Susana Dosamantes

Susana Dosamantes is a Mexican actress born in Guadalajara Mexico, mother of singer Paulina Rubio. The actress possessing great beauty was currently 74 years old and has dedicated her life to television and film.

It was in 1968 when he made his debut in the film “Remolino de pasiones” and “Mementos del porvenir”, based on the novel by Elena Garro.

“Marriage and sex”, “Folor de durazno”, “Confessions of a teenager”, “Duel at sunset” and “The imposing” were some of the films at the beginning of his career, but the truth is that variety is the word that describes his work as he also made films of the horror genre, among them “Más Negro que la noche”, a 1975 suspense film directed and written by the master of the genre, Carlos Enrique Taboada, in which he shared credits with Lucía Méndez and Helena Rojo. .

At Río Lobo, along with John Wayne. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

At Río Lobo, along with John Wayne. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

In addition to this film, he also acted in “La Ley de la Mafia” and “El Fantasma de mi novia”. On television, she has made innumerable telenovelas, including “Dying to Live”, “Wild Heart”, “Las Gemelas”, “Rebeca”, “Tres Veces Ana”, “El Vuelo de la Victoria” and recently she was Eva in “Si nos dejan”, which recently ended transmissions.

In 1969, she married the Spanish lawyer Enrique Rubio González (1943-2011), with whom she had two children, the singer Paulina and Enrique Rubio, separating in 1974. Her second marriage was with the Spanish businessman and audiovisual producer Carlos Vasallo Tomé. (1950-), whom she divorced in 1988. She is currently married to Luis Rivas.

Paulina Rubio’s farewell

During her last months of life, her children, Enrique and Paulina, remained by her side until today, when after days in hospital she lost the battle against pancreatic cancer that was diagnosed a few months ago.

The golden girl used her networks to publicly say goodbye to her mother:


The emotional farewell video of Fernando del Solar.

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Susana Dosamantes dies at the age of 74, a victim of cancer

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