Sylvia Pasquel details how Silvia Pinal’s health is after an incident in a play

The alarms about Silvia Pinal’s health turned on again after the night of this Wednesday, May 11, was forced to cancel her performance in the play ‘Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother!’.

‘La Diva del Cine de Oro Mexicano’ was already in the theater to offer a performance to special guests and the press when her health was affected.

On the recommendation of your doctor, did not go on stage and was taken home to recover and stabilize.

Silvia Pinal’s daughter informs how the actress is

Sylvia Pasquelthe eldest daughter of the actress, gave details of what happened to her famous mother’s health.

“It had to be stabilized nothing else”mentioned in declarations presented in Today this Thursday the 12th.

Between her belly and the pressure Well, they had to stabilize her and that is why it was decided that she would not perform the function, “he assured.

“Evidently, my mom’s health comes first“, Said the also actress. Reports from the Mexican press assured that Pasquel was not next to his mother in the theater because apparently his car suffered a breakdown and he did not arrive on time.

The family and the producers of the work have been questioned about exposing the actress to an acting job at her age and in the health conditions that she has presented in recent months. At the end of 2021, she suffered another urinary tract infection and covid-19 was also detected.

The first performance took place last weekend and the artist did go on stage. However, in a review published by TVNotas, Pinal was described as “absent and lethargic”.

He appeared in some kind of wheelchair simulating a large armchair and, according to the publication, some cast members had to help him with his dialogues.

The producer of the play told Today that Silvia Pinal’s health was impaired because “unfortunately all day they were commenting on him everything that was experienced with the premiere” and the criticism he received for his participation in the work.

“She felt very concerned about the entire cast, about the actors, because she said: ‘I don’t want to harm anyone’“, said Cochegrus.

“The images speak for themselves”: the sad moment in which Silvia Pinal leaves the theater for her health

Silvia Pinal returns to the theater by her will

After what happened, the production producer assured that Silvia Pinal agreed to be in the work because “she asked to return to the theater to feel useful” in the face of speculation that has arisen that she was pressured by her family.

It’s not exploitation, it’s not exploiting herit is not taking advantage,” Cochegrus defended himself in statements for ‘Todo para la mujer’ this Thursday, May 11, “the one who wants to live the most is Silvia Pinal.”

The lady was in a strong depressionthe lady was in her room wanting to go out, “he added.

Luis Enrique Guzmán, the actress’s only son, alleged that his mother accepted the role on medical recommendation to deal with the depression she suffers from.

“Not working, not being active, obviously he started to get depressed“, said the also son of Enrique Guzmán in statements for ‘Venga la alegría’ this Wednesday, May 11.

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Sylvia Pasquel details how Silvia Pinal’s health is after an incident in a play

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