5 PHOTOS of Andrea García that show her resemblance to Andrés García, although the actor DENIES her

5 PHOTOS of Andrea Garcia that show her resemblance to

In recent weeks it has caused great concern Andres Garciabecause he has been in very poor health due to the liver cirrhosis he suffers, in addition to problems with his spinal cord, and has even gone so far as to say that he is in the last days of his life, however, the estrangement with … Read more

Actor Robert Cormier, known for “Designated Survivor” and “American Gods”, has died

1664376842 Actor Robert Cormier known for Designated Survivor and American Gods

Robert Cormier, known for “Designated Survivor” and “American Gods”, died at the age of 33 in Ontario, Canada (@_robertcormier) Robert Cormiera Toronto-born bartender-turned-actor who appeared on such TV shows as “American Gods,” “Heartland” and “Slasher,” has died at 33. Cormier died Friday at a hospital in Etobicoke, Ontario, of injuries sustained from a fallher sister … Read more

Brad Pitt tiene claro quin es el actor ms guapo del mundo (y no, no es l)

1663895518 Brad Pitt tiene claro quien es el actor mas guapo

Tambin elogia a Paul Newman Actualizado Jueves, 22 septiembre 2022 – 12:52 “Si hay que nombrar a alguien presente, bueno, tengo que nombrar a ese hijo de puta de George Clooney”, respondi el actor con sentido del humor durante una entrevista. El premiado actor Brad Pitt.GTRES Los Angelina Jolie demanda a Brad Pitt por 250 … Read more

Anne Heche: the war for her inheritance pits her son Homer against actor James Tupper

Anne Heche the war for her inheritance pits her son

The death of actress Anne Heche as a consequence of an accident in the Mar Vista areain California, hit the entertainment world and greatly distressed her family, who is now on the warpath for the heritage of the interpreter who died at the age of 53. As Heche did not leave a will, a legal … Read more

Mickey Rourke a los 70: la turbulenta historia de un gran actor empeñado en autodestruirse

1663321240 Mickey Rourke a los 70 la turbulenta historia de un

En sus memorias Stories I Only Tell My Friends (Historias que solo cuento a mis amigos) Rob Lowe rememora su primer encuentro con Mickey Rourke (Schenectady, Nueva York, 1952) durante el rodaje de Rebeldes (1983). “Entra un hombre vestido como un vagabundo. Tiene el pelo largo y sucio, una barba de tres días y unos … Read more

The Whale: the spectacular return of actor Brendan Fraser after falling from grace in Hollywood – BBC News World

1662529212 The Whale the spectacular return of actor Brendan Fraser after

Drafting BBC News World 6 September 2022 image source, Getty Images Caption, Brendan Fraser during the Venice Film Festival More than 6 minutes of applause and cheers. This was the reception of the latest film by actor Brendan Fraser at the Venice Film Festival. All this thanks to his interpretation in The Whalethe last film … Read more

What happened to the life of Orlando Bloom, Legolas actor in “The Lord of the Rings”

1661201955 What happened to the life of Orlando Bloom Legolas actor

He made the most important -or brilliant- performances of his career with his role in the saga of “The Lord of the Rings”. Orlando Bloom, the popular Legolas in the trilogy of stories based on JRR Tolkien’s books, has once again become a trend on social networks in recent days due to alleged infidelity. For … Read more

Angelina Jolie vs. Brad Pitt: the FBI will not reopen the investigation for assault against the actor

Angelina Jolie does not want to share legal custody of her children with her ex, Brad Pitt (AFP) Angelia Jolie filed a lawsuit with the FBI in April, anonymously, as Jane Doe, requesting documents related to the investigation against Brad Pitt to find out why no criminal charges were filed against her ex., whom she … Read more

Who is Filippo Storino, the actor who plays Remo in “In the background there is room”

1660766239 Who is Filippo Storino the actor who plays Remo in

To the delight of his fans, “There is room in the background” returned with its ninth season this 2022. In that sense, with the return of much of the original cast, the story of the Gonzales family and Francesca Maldini continues to give viewers fun moments of one of the most successful series on América … Read more

They say their last goodbye to actor Manuel Ojeda and share how his last days were

1660455912 They say their last goodbye to actor Manuel Ojeda and

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