Carmen Villalobos: the difficult situation suffered by the actress

Carmen Villalobos the difficult situation suffered by the actress

The actress Carmen Villalobos has drawn attention to the rumors about the separation from her husband, also an actor Sebastián Caicedo. The barranquillera told in her Instagram stories a situation that makes her very sad. Far from the speculation of their separation, Villalobos narrated that he feels sad about something that happened to his pets. … Read more

What happened to Milla Jovovich: the actress “split in two” in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

What happened to Milla Jovovich the actress split in two

Very few people can boast of having been recognized in two worlds such as acting and modeling, but Jovovich mile yes you can. He was born and raised in the Ukraine – then in the Soviet Union – but it was later that he got US citizenship, which opened many doors for him. Before hitting … Read more

They assure that Charlize Theron started an affair with the controversial ex-husband of another famous actress

1653041083 They assure that Charlize Theron started an affair with the

AFP PHOTO / Alberto PIZZOLI If there is something Charlize Theron has been able to keep to the letter since his landing in Hollywood is the mystery. The multi-award-winning South African actress usually keeps aspects related to her love and family life under lock and key. In her social networks, for example, there are few … Read more

Who is Gece Işık Demirel, the child actress who plays Zeynep in “Dear Mother”

1652985913 Who is Gece Isik Demirel the child actress who plays.webp

Turkish soap opera “Dear mother” is one of the great premieres of this 2022. The television production starring Erol Gedik, Gece Işık Demiral and Selin Sezgin has reached the small screen with an impressive story of motherhood and perseverance, which has already aroused the attention of the public since its first chapter. MORE INFORMATION: Who … Read more

The surprising statement of Amber Heard’s sister: she invited Depp to hit the actress

The surprising statement of Amber Heards sister she invited Depp

In the midst of one of the most mediatic trials of recent times, Whitney Henriquez acknowledged that on some occasion pressured her sister, actress Amber Heard, and fellow actor Johnny Depp to stay together, despite believing that he was abusing her. In this sense, one of Depp’s lawyers, Rebecca Lecaroz, presented a text message sent … Read more

Amber Heard: What would happen if the actress loses the trial against Johnny Depp?

Amber Heard What would happen if the actress loses the

Amber Heard: What would happen if you lose trial against Johnny Depp? | AFP Let us remember that at this moment the judgment Come in Johnny Depp & Amber Heardthe actor accused his ex wife for having published an article in an important newspaper in the United States, just after they divorced, there she told … Read more

She can’t take it anymore, the actress of Welcome to Eden confesses in front of the mirror

She cant take it anymore the actress of Welcome to

Belinda in front of a mirror with lights, she is quite a femme fatale | Instagram Belinda is enjoying its best moment from Spain, although a postcard from the “naturalized mexican“, would arouse some comments among his fans despite always looking sensational, the description of the famous caused many doubts. The success that singer Belinda … Read more

Actress of ‘Doctor Strange’ was convicted of sexual abuse of minors

Actress of Doctor Strange was convicted of sexual abuse of

A scandal is going through an actress and her husband, after being found guilty of sexual abuse with minors in the United Kingdom. This is Zara Phythian, who is known worldwide for her role in the Marvel production Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme, playing Brunette Zealot, and her husband Victor Marke. The Nottingham Crown Court in … Read more

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: reveal messages from the parents of the actress addressed to the actor

1651235725 368 Why Amber Heard copies the looks of Johnny Depp in.webp

Since the start of legal battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, not only captured the attention of public opinion around the world, but also divided opinions between who is the victim and who is the perpetrator. The evidence that the defenders showed in each hearing, within the framework of the defamation trial that the … Read more

Actress Jennifer Grey, ex of Johnny Depp, surprised with her statement about the trial

1652360586 Actress Jennifer Grey ex of Johnny Depp surprised with her

Jennifer Gray spoke about the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard (Photo: File) American actress Jennifer Grey, remembered for her leading role in the iconic film Dirty Dancing (1987), talked about the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heardand assured that the situation “breaks his heart”. Gray had a brief relationship with the protagonist … Read more