In addition to Round. 6 Discover 5 Korean Movies You Need to Watch

Round 6 All the successes and all the dangers of

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Since joining the catalog of Netflix, the series Round 6 has caught the attention of viewers and aroused curiosity to discover other Korean productions. With an electrifying script, whose main motto is a survival game with a high cash prize, Round 6 introduced to thousands of people the originality … Read more

Bakker Mike still has to work for a while – In addition to the cookie crumb crisis due to the pandemic, climate change also plays a major role – Foodlog

Bakker Mike still has to work for a while

The corona crisis is leading to cracks in the food chain due to staff shortages and disruptions in the supply chain. But even if those are resolved, the food industry will continue to struggle with price hikes and shortages due to climate change, writes The Washington Post. The cookie crumb crisis of pie baker Mike … Read more