Shakira vs. Clara Chía Marti: the singer has the IQ of being gifted and Piqué’s girlfriend studied at the schools attended by the children of great Barcelona personalities | People | Entertainment

Shakira vs Clara Chia Marti the singer has the IQ

Before knowing the identity and face of the new girlfriend of Gerard Piquéthe international press spoke of the similarities between Shakira Y Clara Chia Marti. And although the two women do have some physical resemblance, age is the main difference, and the rest is defined by their academic preparation. The Colombian’s career began at a … Read more

Shakira attended college and no one recognized her: That’s how she got to the classroom in California and managed to go unnoticed | People | Entertainment

Shakira attended college and no one recognized her Thats how

The skills and intelligence of Shakira They have always stood out. The singer is one of the famous in the world of music that stands out the most, not only because of her talent and beauty, but also because of her desire to improve professionally. From a very young age, she stood out for the … Read more

Jessica Alba attended an event in New York, George Clooney works on his new movie: celebrities in a click

1653050177 Jessica Alba attended an event in New York George Clooney

In addition, Colin Farrell shopped at a Los Angeles supermarket, and Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner walked as a family Workday. Jessica Alba attended an exclusive event in New York and for this she opted for a very elegant look: a multicolored bodysuit and a brown leather skirt that she combined with her bag and … Read more