Don Pedro Rivera gets divorced and Doña Rosa reacts to the Telemundo cameras

Don Pedro Rivera gets divorced and Dona Rosa reacts to

The rivera family He does not want to leave it for anyone and it is that today it becomes news again. This time it is not about Chiquis Riveranor anything related to the inheritance of Jenni Rivera. Those who have made noise now are the parents of La Diva de La Banda: Don Pedro Rivera … Read more

She is Arianna Muñiz, Marc Anthony’s daughter who stays away from the cameras

1656796033 She is Arianna Muniz Marc Anthonys daughter who stays away

Beyond his talent or his next marriage with the model Nadia Ferreira, Salsero Marc Anthony has always attracted the attention of the media for his extended family. At 53 years old, the singer has six children: 5 biological and one that he adopted from his ex-partner Debbie Rosado. Thus, it is known that Emme and … Read more

The extreme show of the ‘youtuber’ who gained 100 kilos before the cameras

1651045545 The extreme show of the youtuber who gained 100 kilos

There are about 5.6 million people living alone in South Korea, according to data from Statistics Korea, the country’s National Institute of Statistics. In 2010 something happened spontaneously on the video platform in streaming South Korean AfreecaTV: Hundreds of young people began to sit in front of their computers and narrate their daily lives in … Read more