Tailor-made tattoos and jackets: in the kitchen, chefs take care of both their dressing and dressing

Tailor made tattoos and jackets in the kitchen chefs take care

Paris, September 9, 2020. Chef Mory Sacko in his Parisian restaurant, Mosuke. BOBY The white jacket-toque-houndstooth trousers triptych, very little for him. “I wore the uniform for ten years in the kitchens of palaces. I have already given “, laughs Mory Sacko. The rising value of the gastronomic elite has opted for a more elegant … Read more

Mory Sacko, Alessandra Montagne, Bertrand Grébaut and Théo Pourriat… chefs of taste

Mory Sacko Alessandra Montagne Bertrand Grebaut and Theo Pourriat… chefs

By Marie Aline, Léo Bourdin and Camille Labro Posted today at 6:00 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers PortraitThese creators have in common to push the limits of gastronomy. To innovate, often, but also to find the flavor of essential things and share their convictions. Alessandra Montagne’s activist table Paul Schmidt for M Le magazine du … Read more