Sasha Sokol ratified her complaint against Luis de Llano: “He was already notified”

1658063909 Sasha Sokol ratified her complaint against Luis de Llano He

Sasha Sokol gave an update on the progress of her complaint against Luis de Llano (Photo: File) More than four months after accusing Louis of Llano of alleged sexual abuse, sasha sokol revealed that there is some progress in his case, since already ratified his request and the creative producer It was notified about. It … Read more

“I was a hypocrite,” said ‘Luisito Comunica’ after his controversial complaint in Peru

I was a hypocrite said Luisito Comunica after his controversial

The Mexican content creator Luis Arturo Villar, better known on social networks as “Luisito Comunica” is one of the most important influencers in Latin America, due to his YouTube channel in which he has shown trips around the world that have allowed him to gain millions of followers and great popularity on the Internet. And … Read more

Ángel de Brito’s response to China Suárez after the complaint of media harassment suffered

Angel de Britos response to China Suarez after the complaint

The release of Angel de Brito to the complaint of China Suárez for harassment (LAM, America) A few kisses at the Martin Fierro after party, a mischievous and confusing statementa, an intimate menu based on Milanese with ketchupthe common signs at a birthday party. The relationship between Eugenia The China Suarez and the musician rushing, … Read more

“They woke up the beast”: users reacted to Victoria Ruffo’s complaint against a famous restaurant

1651600488 They woke up the beast users reacted to Victoria Ruffos

Victoria Ruffo denounced poor service from a restaurant (IG: victoriaruffo) Victoria Ruffo is one of the most beloved actresses in the world of Mexican entertainment and, since she began to share funny dances in TikTokits popularity among the new generations was rapidly on the rise. But not always everything is rosy for the actress, since … Read more

“I wanted to be funny”: Bill Murray spoke about the complaint of “improper behavior” with a woman on the set of his next movie

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Bill Murray spoke about the accusation of inappropriate behavior: “I did something that I thought was funny and it was not interpreted that way” (Reuters) Bill Murray acknowledged on Saturday that his behavior on the set of a film set led to a complaint from a woman and the suspension of the shooting of his … Read more