Sylvia Pasquel defended her mother’s tribute in Fine Arts: “There is no chili that fits them”

1662931241 Sylvia Pasquel defended her mothers tribute in Fine Arts There

Sylvia Pasquel defended a tribute to her mother, Silvia Pinal, in Fine Arts (Photo: Instagram/@sylviapasqueloficial) the dynasty of Silvia Pinal has not ceased to be involved in controversy since last December 2021, when the last diva of the gold cinema Mexican was infected with COVID-19 and even remained hospitalized for a week. Although now her … Read more

Daniel Bisogno defended Ana Claudia Talancón after appearing drunk: “Have they never been like this?”

1662262161 Daniel Bisogno defended Ana Claudia Talancon after appearing drunk Have

(Photos: Instagram) Ana Claudia Talancon was recently in the eye of the hurricane, after appearing on August 31 at the premiere of the film I’m your fan apparently intoxicated. Given this and the harsh criticism that he received, it was Daniel Bisogno himself who came out in his defense. It all happened during a broadcast … Read more

Regina Orozco defended Mexicans from Laura Zapata: “Why don’t you live like a chin…”

1662022443 Regina Orozco defended Mexicans from Laura Zapata Why dont you

The renowned soprano asked Laura Zapata to open her eyes (Photos: In past days Laura Zapata was involved in the controversy after the actress launched against the Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, by assuring that he is “a bungler and a complex.” But Thalia’s sister went further and assured that Mexico is a … Read more

Sofía Castro, daughter of Angélica Rivera, defended ‘La Gaviota’ after investigations against her

1661539033 Sofia Castro daughter of Angelica Rivera defended La Gaviota after

Angélica Rivera and Sofía Castro (Photo: Instagram/@sofia_96castro) Although the presidential term of Enrique Pena Nieto ended some years ago, both his name and that of his ex-wife Angelica Rivera remain in the public eye, as the authorities continue to investigate some alleged irregularities by the PRI that could be related to money laundering. In this … Read more

Monica Dossetti defended her brother after aggression: “I don’t want them to do anything to her”

1657750811 Monica Dossetti defended her brother after aggression I dont want

Monica Dossetti broke the silence about the broadcast video where her brother allegedly strangles her (Photo: screenshot/YouTube) After the video in which the brother of Monica Dossetti trying strangle herthe actress broke the silence and stated that despite the situation he experienced, he does not want something to happen to his relative, since he is … Read more

Alfredo Adame defended Jesús N, the alleged murderer of singer Yrma Lydya

1657497887 Alfredo Adame defended Jesus N the alleged murderer of singer

Alfredo Adame said that he knew Jesús N well, the alleged murderer of Yrma Lydya (Photo: CUARTOSCURO) Alfredo Adame He has given something to talk about after his controversial statements about the tragic event that occurred in the restaurant Suntory in Del Vallewhere Jesus Nallegedly murdered his wife Yrma Lydia after a discussion. The actor … Read more

Cazzu defended Christian Nodal from his haters: “While they bark, you shine”

1656544779 Cazzu defended Christian Nodal from his haters While they bark

Almost four months after his media break with Belinda, Christian Nodal has already shown signs of having found love again. And it is that for a few weeks, the regional Mexican interpreter has been seen very closely with the Argentine rapper Cazzuwho has accompanied him to different presentations from his Outlaw Tour. It seems that … Read more

Laura León “La Tesorito” defended Karol G against Lyn May’s criticism

1655466188 Laura Leon La Tesorito defended Karol G against Lyn Mays

Laura León took the opportunity to request a collaboration with Karol G (Photo: CUARTOSCURO) In recent months, Lyn May has launched comments to judge the body, movements and clothing of celebrities younger than her, some of the targets of her criticism have been: Danna Paola, Becky G, Belinda Y Carol Gthe singer who defended Maria … Read more

Juan Soler defended Héctor Suárez Gomís after attacking a journalist: “Let the feces be dragged to where they belong”

1651867351 Juan Soler defended Hector Suarez Gomis after attacking a journalist

Juan Soler Héctor spoke of the alleged attack of Héctor Suárez Gomís on a journalist (Photos: Instagram) On May 4, it transpired that Hector Suarez Gomis He allegedly physically assaulted journalist Vicente Serrano in a restaurant in Artz Pedregal and broke his glasses. Given this, several public figures have spoken out on the matter and … Read more

The ‘queen of divorces’ lawyer who defended Johnny Depp in his

The queen of divorces lawyer who defended Johnny Depp in

Divorces in the world of fame seem to be more and more common, as it is now more common to hear from artists who no longer want to continue their marriage and need a lawyer to dissolve their ‘happily ever after’. But when there are millions of dollars, properties and children involved, the separations become … Read more