Disturbing turn in the scandalous separation of Piqué and Shakira: “It is disgusting how the deception was forged”

1661806516 Disturbing turn in the scandalous separation of Pique and Shakira

The Barcelona defender and the artist were together for 12 years “This week I will take off your mask, Gerard Piqué. I will explain to the world how the great betrayal came about. I have already let Shakira know that I have proof of when, how and where you cheated on her.” The scandal over … Read more

“It’s disgusting”: Ángela Aguilar speaks about the harassment and sexualization of her image

Its disgusting Angela Aguilar speaks about the harassment and

Written in CELEBRITIES the 8/25/2022 12:14 p.m. Angela Aguilar has become one of the great exponents of the Mexican regional genre with a Grammy Award nomination and two Latin Grammy Awards. at his young agethe singer has shown that it is not enough to be born with talent or in a renowned family if you … Read more

The disgusting hygiene habits (or lack thereof) of celebrities

The disgusting hygiene habits or lack thereof of celebrities

Around the world there are infinite beliefs and cultures, which causes disagreements between them regarding customs and daily chores. For this reason, there are many people, including celebrities, who do not comply with the hegemonic hygiene habits of Western communities. In fact, in many interviews, several fans have been surprised by the hygiene routines that … Read more

Osvaldo Ríos is called “disgusting” for what he sucks in front of everyone

1653766356 Osvaldo Rios is called disgusting for what he sucks in

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Julión Álvarez is removed from the US Treasury Department’s blacklist. 04:22 Toni Costa can’t take it anymore and bursts into painful tears for the woman who is far away 01:38 Johnny Depp and Amber Heard reiterate their complaints … Read more

Daniel Bisogno calls Christian Nodal “vulgar and disgusting” for leaking a conversation with Belinda

Daniel Bisogno calls Christian Nodal vulgar and disgusting for leaking

Daniel Bisogno / Christian Nodal. Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente Although It’s been more than three months since Belinda Y Christian Nodal confirmed their separationboth return to give something to talk about, and it is that a few days ago the Mexican regional singer released a private conversation with his exwhich has generated insults and comments … Read more