Don Pedro Rivera gets divorced and Doña Rosa reacts to the Telemundo cameras

Don Pedro Rivera gets divorced and Dona Rosa reacts to

The rivera family He does not want to leave it for anyone and it is that today it becomes news again. This time it is not about Chiquis Riveranor anything related to the inheritance of Jenni Rivera. Those who have made noise now are the parents of La Diva de La Banda: Don Pedro Rivera … Read more

“Doña Lancha” falls in love with her fans before going on stage

Dona Lancha falls in love with her fans before going

Maribel Guardia becomes “doll” in Lagunilla Mi Barrio | Instagram the beautiful, actress of Costa Rican origin has become quite a sensation in the midst of his recent participation in the “Lagunilla My Neighborhood“, dee which was the own Maribel Guardiawho shared a little taste to his fans. Through social networks, the energetic figure of … Read more

This is how Esther Doña tried to become the new Isabel Preysler: aristocratic wedding, haute couture inns and a romance with political significance

This is how Esther Dona tried to become the new

She is a newcomer to the national social chronicle, but her career pointed to ways to become a possible new focus of attraction on the planet of the aristocratic jet set. We talk about Esther Donathe woman who jumped to the covers in 2015 after announcing her romance with Carlos FalcoMarquis of Griñón and 42 … Read more

The unusual reason why ‘Doña Florinda’, from Chavo del 8, would sue Shakira

The unusual reason why Dona Florinda from Chavo del 8

Shakira is still at the center of various news in international media, not only because of issues related to her breakup with Gerard Piqué, but for details that arise about his musical projects and the legal processes he is carrying. The Colombian has remained reserved regarding these aspects of her life, preventing the media from … Read more

Doña Eva Mange, grandmother of Thalía and Laura Zapata, died at the age of 104

1656127582 Dona Eva Mange grandmother of Thalia and Laura Zapata died

Eva Mange passed away on June 24, according to her granddaughters (Photo: Instagram @laurazapataoficial) Eva Mangegrandmother of Thalia Y Laura Zapata, passed away this June 24 to your 104 years. Through social networks, the actress Laura Zapata announced that Eva Mange passed away, this after several health complications that she had been suffering from for … Read more

Doña Cristy, mother of Christian Nodal, reappeared after overcoming cancer diagnosis

1651444954 Dona Cristy mother of Christian Nodal reappeared after overcoming cancer

The first diagnosis indicated colon cancer A few weeks ago Silvia Cristina Nodalbetter known as Christy Nodalalerted his followers to Instagram for a story that she shared in which she could be seen very exhausted, on a hospital bed, while narrating the illness she had suffered during the last month, before having to be hospitalized … Read more