“It’s time to stop”: Camilo’s ex-girlfriend talks about her relationship with the artist

1665001211 Its time to stop Camilos ex girlfriend talks about her relationship

Camilo’s ex-girlfriend has two daughters with her partner, with whom they have been together for more than five years. Photo: Instagram Camilo Echeverry and his wife Evaluna Montaner are one of the best-known couples internationally thanks to their music, their life and their love, which since its inception has been a relationship that many of … Read more

New scandal in the separation of Piqué and Shakira: the footballer would have been unfaithful to him with a famous model ex-girlfriend of DiCaprio

1663532105 New scandal in the separation of Pique and Shakira the

Piqué with Shakira, and the image of Bar Rafaeli The stormy separation of Gerard Piqué Y Shakira had as focus this week the harsh mediation they maintained for the custody of Milan and Shasha, their children. However, the information that emerges minute by minute does nothing but strain the relationship, after 12 years of bond. … Read more

Who is Sylvia Córdoba, the ex-girlfriend that Judge Pedraz left by email and defends the most famous mafia thieves of the summer

Who is Sylvia Cordoba the ex girlfriend that Judge Pedraz left

a new one is born law star, although we cannot say that its stellar presence has caught us totally by surprise. we met Sylvia Cordoba as the young blonde bride of the judge Santiago Pedraz, with whom he formed a refreshing couple on certain red carpets. The couple was pretty, but it seems that they … Read more

What happened to Núria Tomás, Piqué’s ex-girlfriend before Shakira and Claria Chía Martí?

1661391060 What happened to Nuria Tomas Piques ex girlfriend before Shakira and

In hours where Gerard Piqué It is an international trend and not because of its soccer present, but because of its current love, more than one curious and Internet user wonders how it will do Shakira to recover from the love disappointment suffered, something that the previous ex-partner of the Spaniard already went through: Núria … Read more

Berlusconi’s last ex-girlfriend marries an Italian singer

Berlusconis last ex girlfriend marries an Italian singer

The Former girlfriend of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Francesca Pascalehas married this Saturday with the Italian singer Paola Turci in a civil union, legal in Italy for homosexuals, which has been held in an idyllic town in Tuscany. The civil union ceremony, since the transalpine country does not recognize same-sex marriage, was held … Read more

Núria Tomás, Piqué’s ex-girlfriend, tells her version of the separation between the footballer and Shakira

Nuria Tomas Piques ex girlfriend tells her version of the separation

The story of the separation of the Barcelona soccer player Gerard Piqué and the Colombian singer Shakira has gone around the world and the rumors about the future of the two celebrities are in the main headlines of the international media. Although the ex-partner, who had a 12-year relationship, briefly refers to the separation and … Read more

Núria Tomás: who is Gerard Piqué’s ex-girlfriend and why did they end when Shakira appeared?

Nuria Tomas who is Gerard Piques ex girlfriend and why did

The relationship of Gerard Piqué Y Shakira is in the midst of controversy after they spread rumors of infidelity by the Barcelona footballer to the Colombian singer. However, in 2011, when they just announced their love, they also found themselves in the eye of the storm. The interpreter was accused of causing the love break … Read more

Camilo’s ex-girlfriend cleared up doubts and explained why she doesn’t delete her photos with him

1653342288 Camilos ex girlfriend cleared up doubts and explained why she doesnt

Gabriela Andrade, ex-girlfriend of the Colombian artist Camilo, explained a big question to her almost 100 thousand followers that she has on the Instagram social network. The one who was the first couple of the national singer, in the years 2012 and 2013, made a round of questions where one of his fans asked why … Read more