Son of Polilla and fat Fabiola was threatened for being a member of the LGBTIQ+ community

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Photo: Instagram @nelsondpolania For several years, Nelson Polanía, son of comedians Fabiola Posada and Nelson Polanía Moth He decided to show the world his sexual orientation on social networks, and although his parents welcomed this decision, on these same platforms he began to receive homophobic attacks and messages from the first moment of his confession. … Read more

Fabiola Yáñez and her splendid figure: breastfeeding and austerity versus “mommy makeover”

1655652171 Fabiola Yanez and her splendid figure breastfeeding and austerity versus

A two months after having Francisco Fernández, the first lady Fabiola Yáñez shows off an impeccable figure. More than enough reason for the common women to ask ourselves: how did she achieve it? In honor of the truth, the first lady always remained at an optimal weight and surely she continued with a gymnastics suitable … Read more

“Damn crippled”: Itatí Cantoral’s reaction when he learned that Fabiola Guajardo would play Soraya

Damn crippled Itati Cantorals reaction when he learned that Fabiola

The actress revealed that her antagonist has been quite a challenge and confessed that although the comparisons have not been lacking, she has the support and validation of her predecessor. Itatí Cantoral’s reaction In a recent interview with Las Estrellas, Guajardo recounted how Itatí Cantoral reacted when they met and had the opportunity to talk … Read more