Loving you hurts: Armando Hernández revealed how much he was paid to act in the famous movie

1653279962 Loving you hurts Armando Hernandez revealed how much he was

Armando Hernández gave life to “Genaro” in the 2002 film (Photo: Instagram @armandohernandezoficial) Armando Hernández rose to fame massively with the release of the film Loving You hurts, released in 2002 and starring Luis Fernando Peña and Martha Higareda. This film has managed to persist in the collective memory of the public, being considered as … Read more

“Gianluca Vacchi: much more”: the Prime Video documentary about the famous Italian influencer

1653083327 Gianluca Vacchi much more the Prime Video documentary about the

“Gianluca Vacchi: Much More” is a portrait that goes beyond fame and wealth to show the man behind the celebrity. (Prime Video) Coming soon, the famous Gianluca Vacchi will confess everything about his life in a documentary production for the platform’s original catalog Prime Video. Through a first-person interview and unpublished material filmed inside his … Read more

They assure that Charlize Theron started an affair with the controversial ex-husband of another famous actress

1653041083 They assure that Charlize Theron started an affair with the

AFP PHOTO / Alberto PIZZOLI If there is something Charlize Theron has been able to keep to the letter since his landing in Hollywood is the mystery. The multi-award-winning South African actress usually keeps aspects related to her love and family life under lock and key. In her social networks, for example, there are few … Read more

Bob Mackie, the designer who drew Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress, says it was a ‘huge mistake’ for Kim Kardashian to wear it

1652994029 Bob Mackie the designer who drew Marilyn Monroes famous dress

Did Kim Kardashian Damage Marylin Monroe’s Dress? 1:11 (CNN) — Bob Mackie, the designer who sketched a crystal-covered gown once worn by Marilyn Monroe, said “it was a huge mistake” that Kim Kardashian will wear the dress at this year’s Met Gala. Early in his career, Mackie worked as a cartoonist for Paramount dressmaker Edith … Read more

Famous polyamorous: the celebrities who maintain an open marriage

Famous polyamorous the celebrities who maintain an open marriage

Monogamy describes a relationship in which the two parties are exclusively romantically and sexually involved. That is, they do not have other sexual partners. Although this is the most common type of relationship, Hundreds of people around the world have polyamorous relationships, and even marriages.Hollywood has also enjoyed dozens of couples who have decided to … Read more

Martín Fierro Awards 2022, live: minute by minute of the famous awards

Martin Fierro Awards 2022 live minute by minute of the

On the red carpet, the co-host of The people’s newsMilva Castellni, wore a very elegant red dress and was very happy for the nomination for the best newscast award together with Mauro Szeta, who is also part of said broadcast and the magazine Cut by Lozano. “I am very happy with the nominations for both … Read more

Laura Bozzo makes Niurka cry in “The House of the Famous”. look at the reason

Laura Bozzo makes Niurka cry in The House of the

Written in CELEBRITIES the 5/13/2022 10:00 p.m. For several years, the relationship between the vedette Niurka Marcos and the driver Laura Bozzo it’s quite complicated Well, on several occasions their different points of view have confronted them on social networks and before cameras. The enmity became more evident after the Peruvian described Irina Baeva as … Read more

They reveal that Ninel Conde’s daughter is “ashamed” of her famous mother

They reveal that Ninel Condes daughter is ashamed of her

Sofia, the daughter of the Mexican singer and actress, Ninel Count Apparently he goes from party to party and lives excesses, in addition to allegedly he’s “ashamed” of his famous mom. And it is that Ninel Conde seems that the luck that he had in “Your face is familiar to me” is not the same … Read more