Black Friday Sephora: 10 products worth the “investment”! – Fashionism

Black Friday Sephora 10 products worth the investment Fashionism

Every Black Friday is always the same, a thousand possibilities, a discount war, a list in hand, but sometimes it’s so much – and not always so much money hehehelp – that we get lost at the hour! With that, exercising in a healthy way the act of influencing and, as usual: I made a … Read more

Maternity Special: End of pregnancy and childbirth! – Fashionism

Maternity Special End of pregnancy and childbirth Fashionism

And finally, 1 year later, I’m talking about pregnancy and childbirth again! Maria Eduarda is 1 year and 10 days old and just now I decided to post here about I don’t know, but during pregnancy I made posts and podcasts about the 1st and 20th trimester of pregnancy here but, for obvious reasons, the … Read more