Coscu defended Chapu Martínez from network attacks and Fede Bal reminded him: “You sent me haters”

1669301443 Coscu defended Chapu Martinez from network attacks and Fede Bal

Chapu Martínez, Coscu and Fede Bal “The truth is that I have been dragging this for four years and I did not want to make it public in such a strong way, but yesterday it went viral since it coscu He supported me,” he said anguished. chapu martinez a teleshow after being branded a “mufa” … Read more

Sofía Aldrey spoke about Fede Bal’s marriage proposal, after the accident: “He only tells me with morphine”

1651718700 Sofia Aldrey spoke about Fede Bals marriage proposal after the

The couple does not plan to marry yet. After having undergone surgery in Brazil, Faith Bal returned to Argentina with his partner, Sophia Aldrey and his mom, Carmen Barbieri. On April 22, the driver was recording some scenes for the new season of Rest of the world on the island of Paraty, in Brazil, when … Read more

Carmen Barbieri spoke about Fede Bal’s health: “He is suffering a lot because the pain is unbearable”

1650907394 Carmen Barbieri spoke about Fede Bals health He is suffering

The word of Carmen Barbieri after Fede Bal’s accident Carmen Barbieri traveled this weekend urgently to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to closely follow the evolution of his son, Fede Bal, who suffered a serious accident while recording images for the program Rest of the world (El Trece) on the beaches of the Brazilian island of … Read more

Fede Bal published the first photos after his accident in Brazil: “Tudu bom”

1650778758 Fede Bal published the first photos after his accident in

(@balfederico) On Friday afternoon, Faith Bal He suffered an accident in Brazil while practicing paragliding. The actor was in the municipality of Paraty recording images for Rest of the world, the program that currently hosts on the screen of ElTrece on Saturdays at midnight, when the glider’s engine fell on his arm causing painful exposed … Read more