Alejandro Fantino, fired again from ESPN after the controversy with Closs and Vignolo: ‘Why do I always have to go?’

1664491694 Alejandro Fantino fired again from ESPN after the controversy with

The driver had charged hard against his colleagues and the television network informed him of his decision this Thursday. “I spit it in the face of the one who produces it and the one who proposes it to me,” the television host had declared Alexander Fantinus When asked by a colleague about the possibility of … Read more

Tini Stoessel fired her best friend on the networks and the followers thought the worst: the reason for the post

1663892323 Tini Stoessel fired her best friend on the networks and

Tini Stoessel confused her followers with an emotional post dedicated to her best friend On his parallel Instagram account, Tini Stoessel She surprised the almost 300,000 users who follow her there because of a publication she made that was interpreted incorrectly. What happened is that the singer went to the account in which she publishes … Read more

Stana Katic’s new life: from being fired from ‘Castle’ to public disappearance

Stana Katics new life from being fired from Castle to

Back in 2009, from ABC they decided to give a chance to a series that received the name of ‘Castle‘. A title starring Nathan Fillionwho was a writer of mystery novels, and who joined the New York police force as a consultant to later take his adventures to fiction, and it is precisely in this … Read more

“You and I know the reasons for my departure.” Shia LaBeouf denies that Olivia Wilde fired him from ‘Don’t worry dear’ and provides evidence to prove it

1661674332 You and I know the reasons for my departure Shia

Just yesterday we shared the story about the turbulent pre-production process of ‘Don’t worry dear’, the new film by Olivia Wilde starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles. According to the director, she adhered to what she called a “No Asshole Policy” to fire Shia LaBeoufwho should have shared the leading role with the British actress … Read more

This is how Kate fired “Lola del Castillo”, her dog who accompanied her for 16 years

1661461699 This is how Kate fired Lola del Castillo her dog

Her dog “Lola” lived with her for 16 years Kate of the Castle and his family are in mourning, because an important “member” passed away. This is your companion pet Lolaa dog that was his partner for 16 years and that although he lost his life a few days ago, now he has decided to … Read more

She has cancer: After being fired from ‘Hoy’ and leaving Televisa, the host gives hard news drowning in tears

She has cancer After being fired from Hoy and leaving

Written in FAMOUS the 7/10/2022 4:27 p.m. Mexico City.- A famous actress and host, who worked around 16 years in Televisa and it was even part of the program Todaymade a difficult confession before the cameras drowned in tears after being detected last year breast cancer. It’s about the dear Veronica Toussaintwho opened his heart … Read more