A life in 30 photos: Kirk Douglas, the Hollywood legend who died at 103 years old

A life in 30 photos Kirk Douglas the Hollywood legend

Marilyn Maxwell and Kirk Douglas starred in “Champion” (“The Clay Idol”) in 1949, under the command of Mark Robson. Kirk Douglas in his role as a boxer who uses women, gangsters and his brother (Arthur Kennedy) to win the middleweight title. Thanks to this role, the actor got his first Oscar nomination Kirk Douglas in … Read more

5 Upcoming Movies From A24 That We Are Hyped To See! | Young Hollywood

5 Upcoming Movies From A24 That We Are Hyped To

(A24) The production company A24 has given us countless films that have have gotten every emotion imaginable out of us. From incredibly disturbing films like Midsummer to the absolutely heartbreaking ones like The Florida Project, A24 has cranked out some of the best movies we’ve ever seen, and they’re not stopping anytime soon. The studio … Read more

Kirk Douglas dies at 103: from misery to the top of Hollywood

Kirk Douglas dies at 103 from misery to the top

“My name is Kirk Douglas. You probably know me, if not, Google me. I was a movie star, I am the father of Michael Douglas, the father-in-law of Catherine Zeta-Jones and the grandfather of his two grandchildren. “This is how he summed up his life Issur Danielovitch Demsky, the son of Russian Jewish immigrants whom … Read more

Michael Douglas and other Hollywood figures say goodbye to Kirk Douglas

Michael Douglas and other Hollywood figures say goodbye to Kirk

Kirk Douglas left us tonight at the age of 103. Kirk was one of those actors who left such a strong mark in life that it will be impossible to forget him, It shone with its own light and coincided with the golden stage of Hollywood, from today and for it will always be a … Read more

Twitter be damned: Hollywood nice guy Matt Damon is at peace with himself

Twitter be damned Hollywood nice guy Matt Damon is at

Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text size Matt Damon has a reputation as the nicest actor in the business. An actor who gives a bottle of champagne to every stuntman he has to hit, a top dad who has to negotiate with his four daughters to spend anything over two weeks away from home, … Read more

Chris Evans’ Accidental NSFW Photo Reveals A Big Problem In Hollywood

Chris Evans Accidental NSFW Photo Reveals A Big Problem In

Remember when Chris Evans accidentally shared a NSFW photograph on Instagram? It was sort of a ‘blink and you miss it’ mistake, which is interesting because of how long many online leaks continue to have a life of their own. In this case, though, Chris’ reputation was seemingly restored overnight. And that in itself reveals … Read more

Black Page Lillian Gish: The Silent Angel of Hollywood

Black Page Lillian Gish The Silent Angel of Hollywood

Young Lillian Gish, ca. 1920 Lillian Gish. (LatinStock/Corbis) In the beginning was chaos. The land still smelled of cows and manure; sin and scandal flayed their first victims. Darkness flapped its black wings over Hollywood, until director DW Griffith thundered: Let there be stars! And the brightest appeared, the fragile and ethereal girl, the virgin … Read more

The bipolar ordeal that ‘Hollywood’ shows about Vivien Leigh (‘Gone with the wind’) was real

The bipolar ordeal that Hollywood shows about Vivien Leigh Gone

Ryan Murphy has managed to get out of the gallery another phenomenon after the success of Glee and American Horror Story, delving into the racism and machismo of the film industry in the late 1940s with his new series, Hollywood. The 7-episode proposal premiered last Friday, May 1 in Netflix, crowning itself as one of … Read more

The cruellest Hollywood called Vivien Leigh “difficult” and “addicted to sex”, but in reality she suffered from bipolar disorder

The cruellest Hollywood called Vivien Leigh difficult and addicted to

The history of old Hollywood works like the mythical history of our days: the stars of those golden years for the cinema occupy the role of the ancients gods and they also embody stereotypes with which women and men of the past century identified. Today we still remember them as figures mythical, although we do … Read more