Siempre jóvenes, bellas y sin escándalos: el ascenso de las influencers virtuales de Corea del Sur

1659313030 Siempre jovenes bellas y sin escandalos el ascenso de las

Inteligencia Artificial: ¿nos superarán? 1:51 (CNN) — Tiene más de 130.000 seguidores en Instagram, donde publica fotos de sus aventuras por el mundo. Su maquillaje es siempre impecable, su ropa parece sacada de una pasarela. Canta, baila y modela, y nada de eso es real. Rozy es una “influencer virtual” surcoreana, un ser humano renderizado … Read more

Luis Miguel was rejuvenated, surrounded by influencers and in an exclusive restaurant in Miami

1657024214 Luis Miguel was rejuvenated surrounded by influencers and in an

Luis Miguel posed with fans in an exclusive restaurant in Miami – Credits: @Instagram / naiza Luis Miguel’s life usually goes through different stages and moments, something could already be confirmed, and by far, in the successful biographical series made by Netflix. There are times when he is more active and does not get off … Read more

Away from the stage, among luxuries and with influencers: this is how Luis Miguel reappeared in Miami

1656932366 Away from the stage among luxuries and with influencers this

The artists and influencers Naiza, Jamalat Larach and Agatha Sencion had a birthday celebration day in which they met Luis Miguel in an exclusive restaurant in Miami (Photo: Instagram / @agathasencion) After several months away from the stage, Luis Miguel, the Mexican star of romantic music, reappeared on social networks accompanied by three artists and … Read more

This is the mysterious blonde with whom Gerard Piqué reappeared at a luxurious party full of celebrities and influencers in Stockholm | People | Entertainment

This is the mysterious blonde with whom Gerard Pique reappeared

The Spanish media echoed the reappearance of the former Shakira, Gerard Piqué very far from his native country. A photograph of the player went viral while in a luxurious party in which he was caught with a mysterious blonde woman. Each detail of the life of the member of the azulgrana team continues to be … Read more

Cannes 2022: old-school stars devour influencers, models and tiktokers on the red carpet

1653591133 Cannes 2022 old school stars devour influencers models and tiktokers on

Vianney Le Caer CANNES.- When last Wednesday the 18th eight planes from the French air force acrobatic patrol made two low flights over the Palais des Festivals de Cannes before the screening of Top Gun: Maverick, it was clear that the contest was surrendering to Tom Cruise the latest movie star who has disdained the … Read more

Análisis en TikTok: las publicaciones sobre el juicio de Johnny Depp y Amber Heard están convirtiendo a algunos en influencers por accidente y a otros en objetivos de ataques

1652686152 Analisis en TikTok las publicaciones sobre el juicio de Johnny

Así fue la relación entre Johnny Depp y Amber Heard 3:31 (CNN) — Las publicaciones en TikTok sobre el juicio por difamación del actor Johnny Depp contra su exesposa, la actriz Amber Heard, convirtieron a una ama de casa residente en Escocia en una influencer por accidente. O, quizás más acertadamente, en una influencer de … Read more

Who is Lele Pons, one of the most viewed influencers in the world

1650885756 Who is Lele Pons one of the most viewed influencers

In a globalized world, in which social media have become a very important channel for communications, entertainment and others, figures such as Lele Pons They have gained a lot of notoriety, to the point of becoming very famous people who can live from all their activities in the digital world. MORE INFORMATION: Lele Pons proudly … Read more