Kanye West showed explicit photos and sexual videos of Kim Kardashian in work meetings

1669234065 Kanye West showed explicit photos and sexual videos of Kim

Former employees of Kanye West denounced that the rapper showed them sex videos of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian After what adidas broke his multi-million dollar contract with Kanye West Due to his anti-Semitic remarks, former employees of the musician claimed that he routinely shared explicit images of his ex. kim kardashian and pornographic videos with … Read more

Dave Chappelle Talks Kanye, Anti-Semitism and Trump in ‘SNL’ Monologue

Dave Chappelle Talks Kanye Anti Semitism and Trump in SNL Monologue

Video of the attack on Dave Chappelle during performance 1:04 (CNN) — Dave Chappelle addressed several controversial topics in his recent “Saturday Night Live” monologue, focusing primarily on anti-Semitic comments from kanye-west. In his long monologue, Chappelle mentioned the former president Donald Trump and the Senate candidate Herschel-Walkerand it is possible that he was also … Read more

Kanye West breaks his silence on the consequences of his anti-Semitic comments

Kanye West breaks his silence on the consequences of his

Kanye West admires Hitler and wanted to name an album after him 1:53 (CNN) — After a week of financial consequences after making antisemitic comments on social media and in interviews, kanye-west He broke the silence on his words, as well as what he said about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. In a messy … Read more

Kanye West podra enfrentar una crisis financiera en pocos meses

1667156077 Kanye West podria enfrentar una crisis financiera en pocos meses

Kanye West podra estar a slo unos meses de una catstrofe financiera. Si las corporaciones abandonan al rapero y las figuras de la industria lo condenan, aunque tiene una gran cantidad de dinero en efectivo, tambin tiene gastos fijos y podra estar en problemas pronto si no encuentra una manera de cambiar el rumbo. Fuentes … Read more

The rise and fall of Kanye West: how the most important hip hop artist of the century has become an outcast with no future

The rise and fall of Kanye West how the most

One afternoon in late February 2011, designer John Galliano he sat drunk and drugged on the terrace of Café La Perle in Paris and hurled a series of anti-Semitic insults at the occupants of an adjoining table. The speech was recorded and spread like wildfire. Immediately, the dressmaker was fired from Dior and ostracized. It … Read more

CNN gets disturbing details of Kanye West’s admiration for Hitler

1666906047 CNN gets disturbing details of Kanye Wests admiration for Hitler

Keys to understand why Kanye West was blocked on social networks 2:37 (CNN) –– Several people who were once close to the rapper who used to go by the name Kanye West told CNN that the artist has long been fascinated by Adolf Hitler. To the point, they pointed out, that he once wanted to … Read more

Kanye West’s controversies: from his failed presidential bid to his anti-Semitic comments

Kanye Wests controversies from his failed presidential bid to his

Athletes leave Kanye West’s agency over anti-Semitic comments 0:56 (CNN Spanish) — “Kanye West, in the middle of a controversy”. It doesn’t matter when you read this. The popular rapper is in the eye of the storm after some anti-Semitic comments that cost him harsh criticism and the loss of valuable contracts, but the truth … Read more

How much is Kanye West’s fortune?

1666843576 How much is Kanye Wests fortune

Kanye West off Forbes’ list of billionaires 0:59 (CNN) — American rapper Kanye West, also known as Ye, stopped being on the Forbes millionaires list, the magazine said, after several companies will withdraw their support by antisemitic comments. various companies have withdrawn their associations with Ye, from Adidas, through Balenciaga, GAP, Creative Artists Agency and … Read more

Kim Kardashian spoke about Kanye West’s anti-Semitic speech after the rapper’s multimillion-dollar losses

1666791156 Kim Kardashian spoke about Kanye Wests anti Semitic speech after the

Kim Kardashian repudiated Kanye West’s anti-Semitic speech (Reuters) kim kardashian talked about the antisemitic speech of her ex-husband, kanye-westwhich no longer has a representative and signatures as The Gap Y Adidas terminated their contracts with immediate effect due to the recent statements. The American businesswoman had not spoken about the controversy surrounding the father of … Read more

This is how companies are canceling Kanye West

This is how companies are canceling Kanye West

Adidas ends relationship with Kanye West 1:12 New York (CNN Business) — In recent weeks, retailers, social media, celebrities, and fashion and entertainment companies have abandoned business alliances with rapper Ye. Ye, also known as Kanye West, has become a controversy magnet. In early October, Ye wore a T-shirt with the slogan “White Lives Matter” … Read more