Pestle, rouable, pastry bag, couscoussier … In the kitchen, utensils are king

Pestle rouable pastry bag couscoussier In the kitchen utensils are

MORNING LIST Roll out a pancake batter, place cream puffs, prepare the couscous semolina… There is an instrument for each gesture. We tell you all about the history and usefulness of five utensils. The pestle and the mortar PATRICK PLEUTIN FOR M THE WORLD MAGAZINE Their story. It is assumed that it was the hunter-gatherers, … Read more

Western Sahara “is not to be negotiated”, reaffirms King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Western Sahara is not to be negotiated reaffirms King Mohammed

Exhibition dedicated to the “Green March”, in Rabat, November 6, 2021. MOSA’AB ELSHAMY / AP The pass of arms continues between Morocco and Algeria which have broken off their diplomatic relations, and which oppose Western Sahara. Mohammed VI, the King of Morocco, affirmed, Saturday, November 6, that this disputed territory between his country and the … Read more

At the Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin in Paris, a Brechtian and moving “King Lear”

At the Theatre de la Porte Saint Martin in Paris a

Thibault Vinçon and François Marthouret in “Le Roi Lear”, by Shakespeare. JEAN-LOUIS FERNANDEZ When a Roi Lear beautifully crafted, it should not be missed. A masterpiece among Shakespeare’s masterpieces, monster play, world play, she is one of those who work the profession of living as a human with unparalleled depth. At the Théâtre de la … Read more