Coscu defended Chapu Martínez from network attacks and Fede Bal reminded him: “You sent me haters”

1669301443 Coscu defended Chapu Martinez from network attacks and Fede Bal

Chapu Martínez, Coscu and Fede Bal “The truth is that I have been dragging this for four years and I did not want to make it public in such a strong way, but yesterday it went viral since it coscu He supported me,” he said anguished. chapu martinez a teleshow after being branded a “mufa” … Read more

Sebastián Martínez was upset by his son’s list of school supplies

Sebastian Martinez was upset by his sons list of school

Sebastián Martínez and Kathy Sáenz are one of the most stable couples in Colombian entertainment. The actors have a young son, named Amador, and two daughters from Sáenz’s past marriage. The protagonist of ‘Hasta que la Plata Nos Separe’ usually shares some curiosities of his days and personal anecdotes on his Instagram account. This time … Read more

The ‘secret sister’ of Eugenia Martínez de Irujo: her favorite and whom she loves as much as her aristocratic family

The secret sister of Eugenia Martinez de Irujo her favorite

Eugenia Martinez de Irujo is the true heiress of the rebellious spirit of the much-missed Cayetana de Albaand not just for showing off the most genuinely happy smile in the family, putting on the world with her animalism or getting married in Las Vegas dressed as Marilyn. When so many see their mother in her, … Read more

The 10 best photos of the week: from the sporting achievement of Mariano Martínez to the new look of Vicky Xipolitakis

1653763115 The 10 best photos of the week from the sporting

In addition, the son of Carolina Baldini and Cholo Simeone married an Italian model in Florence, and Susana Giménez and Sebastián Yatra sang in the subway Tini performed her shows at the Hippodrome of Palermo and made thousands of souls delirious. There she was moved when talking about her father’s health and sang with different … Read more

Cruz Martínez talks about his relationship with Arturo Carmona: “He’s a good guy”

Cruz Martinez talks about his relationship with Arturo Carmona Hes

Last January, Arthur Carmonaex-husband of Alicia Villarreal, and Cruz Martinezsurprised the appear together at a press conference to announce that they would be partners in the concert series for the return of Kumbia Kings. At that time they affirmed that they are “friends” and now Martínez spoke about what he thinks of his wife’s ex. … Read more

Mariano Martínez revealed the reason that prevents him from spending more time with his youngest daughter: “It is inhuman”

1652133048 Mariano Martinez revealed the reason that prevents him from spending

Mariano Martínez told the reason why he spends little time with his youngest daughter As a very present father, Mariano Martinez She really enjoys the company of her three children: olivia Y Miloas a result of his relationship with Juliana GiambroniY Soulthe smallest, of its link with Camila Cavallo, from whom he also separated, on … Read more