A new artificial material mimics quantum entangled rare earth compounds

Journal Reference: Viliam Vaňo, Mohammad Amini, Somesh C. Ganguli, Guangze Chen, Jose L. Lado, Shawulienu Kezilebieke, Peter Liljeroth. Artificial heavy fermions in a van der Waals heterostructure. Nature, 2021; 599 (7886): 582 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-04021-0 The researchers showed that by starting from seemingly common materials, a radically new quantum state of matter can appear. The discovery … Read more

The importance of Jonny Greenwood’s soundtrack for There Will Be Blood, the material will be released on vinyl

The importance of Jonny Greenwoods soundtrack for There Will Be

// By: Oscar Adame Thu 13 December, 2018 Through its official website, the label Nonesuch has just confirmed that on January 18 he will publish a vinyl version of the soundtrack that Jonny Greenwood made for There Will Be Blood (2008). This will be the first time that a physical impression of the material will … Read more

Exploding and weeping ceramics provide path to new shape-shifting material

Journal Reference: Hanlin Gu, Jascha Rohmer, Justin Jetter, Andriy Lotnyk, Lorenz Kienle, Eckhard Quandt, Richard D. James. Exploding and weeping ceramics. Nature, 2021; 599 (7885): 416 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-03975-5 The research is published open access in Nature, the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal. Anyone who has ever dropped a coffee cup and watched it break into … Read more

Scientists invent ‘smart’ window material that blocks rays without blocking views

Journal Reference: Ronn Goei, Amanda Jiamin Ong, Jun Hao Tan, Jie Yi Loke, Shun Kuang Lua, Daniel Mandler, Shlomo Magdassi, Alfred Iing Yoong Tok. Nd–Nb Co-doped SnO2/α-WO3 Electrochromic Materials: Enhanced Stability and Switching Properties. ACS Omega, 2021; 6 (40): 26251 DOI: 10.1021/acsomega.1c03260 Developed by NTU researchers, the new energy-saving material for electrochromic (EC) windows that … Read more

Researchers discover predictable behavior in promising material for computer memory

Journal Reference: Nujhat Tasneem, Yasmin Mohamed Yousry, Mengkun Tian, Milan Dopita, Sebastian E. Reyes‐Lillo, Josh Kacher, Nazanin Bassiri‐Gharb, Asif Islam Khan. A Janovec‐Kay‐Dunn‐Like Behavior at Thickness Scaling in Ultra‐Thin Antiferroelectric ZrO 2 Films. Advanced Electronic Materials, 2021; 2100485 DOI: 10.1002/aelm.202100485 Now, a team led by Georgia Tech researchers has discovered unexpectedly familiar behavior in the … Read more

Food chain ends up in ‘perfect storm’ for a longer period of time – High energy prices, rising raw material prices and labor shortages put pressure on margins in the food sector – Foodlog

Food chain ends up in perfect storm for a longer

Low gas supplies on the eve of winter are driving higher gas and electricity prices. Once the winter is over, ABN AMRO expects prices to fall, but normalization of prices is not expected until after 2023. For the electricity prices ABN AMRO expects a similar pattern. A decline as soon as the winter is over, … Read more