The opportunity makes the thief – ‘Brabant meat crooks in Congo’ result of policy – Foodlog

The opportunity makes the thief Brabant meat crooks in

Things started to roll in 2013 with a report by the Moroccan consultancy firm Menaa Finance, which examined the Congolese food chain at the request of the Congolese Ministry of Economy. That food chain appears to be in the hands of 3 conglomerates, which behave like a cartel. Price fixing, market dominance, speculation and corruption … Read more

‘Rabbit with droppings’ – Grass-fed meat for the poor – Foodlog

Rabbit with droppings Grass fed meat for the poor

It is November, the ‘slaughter month’. You immediately think of the pig. The boar was slaughtered at the coming of the dark days because the fodder became scarce. Pig and human have the same food. After the pig had gratefully eaten the leftovers, bean pods and potato skins, it became a competitor for humans in … Read more