Cricket scandal: in the UK ordinary racism is no longer tolerated

Cricket scandal in the UK ordinary racism is no longer

LETTER FROM LONDON Former cricketer Azeem Rafiq testifies at a parliamentary hearing on sport governance in London on November 16, 2021. AP Great unpacking in the midst of British cricket – a national passion. Azeem Rafiq, a former professional Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC) player, dared to accuse the club of “Institutional racism”. Since then, … Read more

Engineers develop process that turns ordinary clothing into biosensors

Journal Reference: Taehwan Lim, Huanan Zhang, Sohee Lee. Gold and silver nanocomposite-based biostable and biocompatible electronic textile for wearable electromyographic biosensors. APL Materials, 2021; 9 (9): 091113 DOI: 10.1063/5.0058617 Chemical engineering assistant professor Huanan Zhang has developed a process that turns clothing fabric into biosensors which measure a muscle’s electrical activity as it is worn. … Read more