The last and painful days of Anthony Bourdain

1664554392 The last and painful days of Anthony Bourdain

Anthony BourdainBloomberg/David Paul Morris After what Anthony Bourdain took his own life in a French hotel room in 2018, his close friends, his family and the people who for decades helped him become an international television star closed ranks before the avalanche of questions from the media and they kept silent, especially about his last … Read more

Wanda Nara confirmed her separation from Mauro Icardi: “It is very painful to live this moment”

1663883589 Wanda Nara confirmed her separation from Mauro Icardi It is

After a few rumors denied by both parties, Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi They separated after eight years of marriage and two daughters together. Francesca and Isabella. It was the businesswoman who reported it on Thursday afternoon through a brief statement on her social networks. “It is very painful for me to live this moment … Read more

“He raped me, caressed me and abused me”: The painful and bitter story of Anne Heche with a rapist father, an accomplice mother and three deceased brothers | People | Entertainment

He raped me caressed me and abused me The painful

After being involved in a serious car accident, Anne Heche She died this Friday, at the age of 53, after being disconnected from the artificial respirator that kept her alive at the West Hills hospital, north of The Angels. to the famous actress Already he had been declared brain dead yesterday and his agony only … Read more

Mateo Carvajal’s girlfriend revealed the athlete’s painful secret

1659667366 Mateo Carvajals girlfriend revealed the athletes painful secret

Photos: Instagram Mateo Carvajal is perhaps one of the most envied men on social media because of his relationship with model Stephanie Cruz. He is also one of the most acclaimed influencers by the millions of women who follow him, because of his physicality that he complements with a good number of tattoos on his … Read more

Tragedy in ‘Hoy’: Drowned in tears, Televisa’s heartthrob arrives in mourning and confirms painful death

Tragedy in Hoy Drowned in tears Televisas heartthrob arrives in

Written in FAMOUS the 7/12/2022 1:47 p.m. Mexico City.- the famous actor Miguel Martinezwho has about 20 years working for Televisais experiencing one of the most difficult episodes of his life due to the unexpected death of a family member and this Tuesday morning mourning Y drowned in tears to the program forum Today. The … Read more

The painful night Katy Perry was asked for a divorce with a text message at the worst time

After 14 months they divorced Reuters Katy Perry It is part of the most important female cultural references in the history of pop culture. Despite the fact that she became one of the icons in the most commercial and important musical genre in the world, she is also a composer, actress, model and even a … Read more

Rocío Marengo made a painful announcement: “There is no baby on the way, I am sad”

1653920124 Rocio Marengo made a painful announcement There is no baby

Rocío Marengo gave up her project of being a mother In the middle of April, Dew Marengo he had made a big announcement about his personal life. At that time, and while various rumors were spreading that she wanted to become a mother, the media enabled a game of questions and answers in Instagram and … Read more

Marcia Saborío stopped laughing: actress talks about the most painful year of her life

Marcia Saborio stopped laughing actress talks about the most painful

Marcia Saborío de la Fuente allows herself to feel. If she needs to cry, she does it “until she dries up” or, if what she wants is to laugh, she “laughs until she drowns”. It is common to associate the renowned actress with jokes, quips and laughter, however, the year 2021 was a time of … Read more