The photo of Brad Pitt with one of his broken teeth: The actor surprises in London captivating with his masculine beauty and chipped teeth | People | Entertainment

The photo of Brad Pitt with one of his broken

Few actors enjoy a masculine charm like that of Brad Pitt. The 58-year-old actor owns a manly beauty and a unique style that outshines millions of fans around the world. And on the world premiere tour of his film “Bullet Train”, he fell in love with his sex appeal dressed in different outfits with which … Read more

Shakira attended college and no one recognized her: That’s how she got to the classroom in California and managed to go unnoticed | People | Entertainment

Shakira attended college and no one recognized her Thats how

The skills and intelligence of Shakira They have always stood out. The singer is one of the famous in the world of music that stands out the most, not only because of her talent and beauty, but also because of her desire to improve professionally. From a very young age, she stood out for the … Read more

This was the face of Camila Parker in her youth when Carlos fell in love: The prince’s wife celebrates her 75th birthday and unpublished images come to light after being accepted in her role as consort | People | Entertainment

This was the face of Camila Parker in her youth

the lives of Camila Parker Bowles and the Prince carlos They crossed paths in a polo match in 1970. Since then, that meeting marked a story of love, betrayal and finally a wedding that filled the royal family with controversy, after the tragic death of Diana of Walesthe woman everyone loves, even after her disappearance. … Read more

Florence Pugh to those who criticized her chest: “Mature. Respect the people. Respect the bodies. Respect women”

1657715807 Florence Pugh to those who criticized her chest Mature Respect

When Florence Pugh attended the last Valentino show in Rome, on the steps of the Spanish Steps, he knew that his stylistic choice would be controversial. To get to know the brand’s new haute couture collection, she opted to wear a fuchsia tulle dress from the house led by Pier Paolo Piccioli: “Thank you again … Read more

Gerard Piqué becomes inseparable with his girlfriend “C”: The mysterious blonde already knows Milan and Sasha and they were seen sharing at the Balloon World Cup where Shakira was not invited | People | Entertainment

Gerard Pique becomes inseparable with his girlfriend C The mysterious

Gerard Piqué is determined to go his way away from Shakira. The Spanish footballer continues to give what to talk about after the break with the singerby appearing with his “new girlfriend” without fear of gossip or comments. The Spanish press, the player himself and his relatives “protect” the identity of the mysterious young woman … Read more

Archie’s first photos: Meghan Markle and Harry’s son celebrated the 4th of July in a parade away from the Brits and holding the American flag | People | Entertainment

Archies first photos Meghan Markle and Harrys son celebrated the

The prince harry Y Meghan Markle reappeared in public, but this time in USA. On the occasion of the celebration of the independence of the North American country, on July 4, the couple took to the streets to join the activities that were carried out in commemoration of this day. After 7 months since your … Read more

“I admit that I have a lot of resentment because I missed my son’s entire childhood”: Eugenio Derbez confesses that he does not forgive Victoria Ruffo despite the fact that 26 years have passed | People | Entertainment

I admit that I have a lot of resentment because

the story between Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo seems to be taken from one of her soap operas. The final outcome of their relationship marked the life of the son they had procreated for more than two decades, the feelings of resentment and anger remain in each of these celebrities. The interviews in which both … Read more

“I didn’t know the man I lived with at all”: Shakira finds out that the player was unfaithful to her in the first year of their relationship and is willing to use the “Piqué Macro-Report” that she commissioned | People | Entertainment

I didnt know the man I lived with at all

After the separation of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué, the relationship between the two seems irreconcilable, to the point that there is no dialogue at all. After the start of the discussions between the lawyers, the soccer player’s intention not to allow the singer to take her children out of Spain, is part of the blocking … Read more

What people were crying out for: Will Niurka Marcos return to “The House of Celebrities 2”?

What people were crying out for Will Niurka Marcos return

When Niurka Marcos was removed fromthe house of the famous“, she herself had a very emotional reactionWell, she shed some tears, but she was not the only one who would have a bad time, since various reports indicate that after that day the Telemundo program lowered its tuning levelsworrying producers and managers. From that moment, … Read more

Jomari Goyso to Rosie Rivera: “Because of people like her I tried to take my own life”

Jomari Goyso to Rosie Rivera Because of people like her

Jomari Goyso. Photo: Jomari Goyso / Courtesy “For people like her I tried to take my life”… So direct and brave, Jomari Goyso referred to Rosie Rivera and what he considers a misuse of the word of God to distort the message to his thinking and taste. All this happened because Rose Riverathrough its digital … Read more