They question their sexuality: Sebastián Caicedo responds in the midst of the scandal over his alleged divorce

They question their sexuality Sebastian Caicedo responds in the midst

The actor Sebastián Caicedo with his wife, Carmen Villalobos. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images The actor Sebastian Caicedo is getting involved in negative comments because now they are questioning their sexuality. In the midst of all the scandal he is going through with his wife, carmen villalobosDue to an apparent love break, now the Colombian is … Read more

Throw an interesting question, Daniella Chávez models and shines in a colorful dress

Throw an interesting question Daniella Chavez models and shines in

Daniella Chávez shines in a colorful dress, throws a question | INSTAGRAM Once again the beautiful Chilean model, Daniella Chavezit was not shown that his priority is to keep his fans well cared for, happy and pampered with his photos that he publishes on social networks, but that is not all, he also seeks to … Read more

Johnny Depp: Amber Heard’s lawyer asked a ‘spicy’ question and the actor could not contain his laughter

Johnny Depp Amber Heards lawyer asked a spicy question and

A video where Jhonny Depp laughs after hearing a question from Amber Heard’s lawyer to his bodyguard, went viral due to the nature of the questioning of the actress’s defender. While the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” listened carefully, he could not contain his laughter after hearing the lawyer’s words. In the video, Heard’s … Read more

Johnny Depp laughed at security guard question during trial

Johnny Depp laughed at security guard question during trial

This April 28, Johnny Depp’s security guard Malcolm Connelly spoke about the relationship between the renowned actor and Amber Heard. The testimony was via video link from his home in Essexx, UK and as he gave his version of events he made Depp and those present in court laugh. Malcolm Connelly, Johnny Depp’s guard and … Read more